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  1. Thanks for sharing , John! This is the next thing to do for us, so we're learning with you !! :goodpost:
  2. Don, Apologies for the delayed response- I was under/ over our car all morning ( first week of school coming up, so we had to do some detailing!) and then on the ball field all afternoon. We love the set up, especially as my son is driving this car and it's his first time driving a manual. The first gear is a little low, but makes for a very easy take off. We are set up to low idle at 850 RPM, and you can, with a slow clutch release, take off without hitting the accelerator. This has been great for Jake as he learns to "feel" the car. So first is a little low- we're shifting at around 15-18 mph at 2500 rpm.Not quite a dump truck, but if you're hammering it,you're shifting outta the gate. Once you get going, though, the middle gears are a playground! My fav is hitting third gear at around 40 and kicking in the secondaries and watching all my suburban minivan driving neighbors drop their cellphones in their laps as we fly by! At cruising speed of 65 MPH we're spinning 18-1900 RPM, which give enough torque to pass on the flats. Since you have all the parts, I'd say give it a try. It's way more fun to drive than the FMX- in my humble opinion!
  3. From the factory - '73, H Code, FMX, 2.75 rear gear. Wimbledon White, Black top, Deluxe Interior, Exterior Decor, A/C. Modifications - "Tuned" the Cleveland with a Comp Cam and matching valve train, 9:1 pistons, Eldebrock Performer and Holley Street Avenger. Replaced FMX with Tremec 5-speed 3.50 rear gear Replaced suspension with Maier racing components, and Bilstein shocks. Replaced front sway bar with 1 1/8" unit. Dual exhaust. Coy wheels Chin spoiler, NASA hood, rear deck wing,
  4. All, While investigating further, I went back to the Flex-A-Lite website and found that the clutch I ordered was a reverse rotation unit. I contacted their tech line to confirm this, and yep! I ordered the wrong clutch for the car. lollerz Here's an interesting point I found following up on Mike's suggestion of pulling a clutch off of an '80s Lincoln- if you look up fan clutches on Rock Auto for that make/model/generation, it shows that they are offered in both clockwise and counterclockwise rotations- so ya gotta know what you're looking for when ya play in the yard! Thanks for all the help and input!! ::thumb::
  5. Sure enough, back to the old fan and no belt squeal. Any ideas as to why the noise with the clutch system?
  6. Keep us updated, David! I'm sure that new shop has space for just one more....::thumb::
  7. I would've thought that Q Codes would come with the gauge package... Learn sumthin' new everyday!
  8. With the 5 speed and the 3:50 rear, it runs around 1800 at 60 and 2200 at 70. Its climbing through the gears when things get noisy under the hood. I think I'm gonna swap the old fan back in and see if the squeal goes away. Thanks, Jeff- I was looking at electrical, but was talked out of it as this was supposed to be a simple swap. I think I'll try Mikes approach and hit the Pick a Part. Maybe while I'm there I'll see if they have a Crown Vic electric fan, too - just in case!! :thankyouyellow:
  9. Gents, I recently replaced the stock fan with a FlexALite standard duty thermal clutch and 18" fan assembly. As the specs on the clutch say not to exceed 4,000 rpm, I figured that under normal driving conditions and a typical shift point of 3000 rpm, we should be fine. Well, each time we approach 3000, the belt starts to sing, and as we get towards 3500 its howling. What's the fun of having a Clev-O if ya can't rev 'er up? :D Anyone have any thoughts before I chuck this thing back in the box and return to Summit? Thanks Butch
  10. They were able to get it out without losing the car.
  11. As Jake and I were heading to our local auto parts store this evening and on the way in we see a 69 Convertible Camaro on a flat bed. We look at each other and say - nice car- wonder why it's on the wrecker? When we pulled into the store parking lot, the counter guys come out to check out our car, and tell us about the Camaro. Turns out the fella just rebuilt the 396 and was having alternator problems , so he popped in to get a new one. He walks in the store after paying for the new unit, walks back in and asks for a fire extinguisher " My car is on fire " is all he says. They expire 4 extinguishers, before they can get it out.
  12. Umbra- Keep an eye on CL Atlanta- we seem to have decent find pop up quite often... here's one not far from me- https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/5040193229.html Butch
  13. Have you installed the new box and pump yet? Love to hear how it goes as I want to do something with the "wandering" we get when on the highway ( middle of the box's range). Thanks! Butch
  14. General, We just went through a similar exercise. I was fortunate enough to find a local resource that was able to find our issues. Our symptoms: "Missing", rough idle, and dieseling following a drive of more than 15 minutes. 2 spark plugs would foul routinely. Vibration noticeable at all RPM ranges, worst at idle and at 2200-2500 The findings: Vacuum was my main culprit. The PCV vacuum was being pulled from a runner port instead of the plenum beneath the carburetor. The vacuum feed to the distributor vacuum advance was on the vacuum retard, and someone had put a vacuum cap on the vacuum advance. Since my vacuum and advance were outta wack, the fella that had set up the new Holley Street Avenger had taken it way out of Holley's prescribed settings, so we ended up replacing the power valve and setting up a custom curve fuel mixture. Last thing we found was a low secondary coil voltage that we attributed to the electric choke power being pulled off the coil. Moved to a switched power source. Hope this helps... Shawn
  15. No picture.... http://eugene.craigslist.org/cto/4869649378.html
  16. Welcome from North Georgia! and who you calling a Clydesdale?! Butch:D
  17. MidLife- I was thinking about your project, and was wondering if you checked how the Dakota Digital units are wired? Wold be interesting to see what tech they use.... Good luck wit the next steps! Butch
  18. As you get to know your engine, there are quite a few quirks unique to the Cleveland. I'd suggest buying the shop manuals and look up this book by George Reid: http://www.cjponyparts.com/cartech-book-ford-351-cleveland-engines-how-to-build-for-max-performance/p/BK351C/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=merchant&utm_campaign=shopping&gclid=Cj0KEQiAjZGnBRCOuJOUo9Xd0sUBEiQAPbicN3YgmkVDJmtyTLAg9m9IQss-NEXgJXl2NW2yT-yPAJEaApat8P8HAQ. Also suggest investing some time reading through the engine/ performance section of the forum. Great experience lives there....
  19. The stock bulbs did glow brighter, but not bright enough for us. Seems a common refrain. We went with the Super Brite LEDs in the instrument cluster, center gauges and center console lights. We replaced the courtesy lights with led light strips. Now we're satisfied with the lum levels. :D
  20. I'm with Jeff! Moved to HotLanta thinking it was comparable to the Bay Area. Three years of snow and ice storms..... The kids love it, but I'm done with it. Spring training is kicking off- I want to see sun and green grass.
  21. Welcome from Atlanta Georgia, USA Post some pix, and let's get this resto started!
  22. I saw a new thread discussing dim lights, and one of the corrective actions suggested is to install a headlight relay system. Since we've already been down that road and having installed the system that Bob sells, I thought I'd post a walk through of the product and how we went about the install. As always, I wish I had taken more pix along the way, but I think you'll get a feel for how easy and clean this install can be. I hope this helps!
  23. Welcome from North Georgia! Glad to have you on the site- you'll find all the help you need to get that pony back on the road! Butch
  24. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor!
  25. Welcome & Congrats on the progress you've made so far! Keep at it- it's a labor of love.
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