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    1971 Mach I - original owner. Bought it as a demo in Jan 1972 for $2995 as a GI coming home. 351 Clev 2V, auto FMX. One repaint, after 40 years of rubbin on it, I broke through to the primer, so a good body man friend spent an entire winter disassembling/repainting it for me. Motor, transmission, rear end never out of car. Over the years added options that I would have ordered; converted to 4 barrel carb using a 4100 carb & aluminum intake, Ford NOS ram air setup, NOS full length console, Magnum 500's, dual exhaust with NOS rear valence. Currently 40,000 miles on it. Dated my wife of over 40 years in this car. Pictures of son & grand sons in this car. Feature car in Mustang Monthly Nov 09.


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  1. FYI - Latet NPD catalog has Motorcraft Transmission Fluid Type F in one quart bottles for $5.27 each (part #19582-2) Mac
  2. Up to this point, there has been a good discussion on members understanding / view points on the MCA Concours class. However keep in mind that there is actually an addition class to consider, i.e. Thoroughbred class. This is a very tough class. MCA definition as such: "The Thoroughbred Class is designated for the restored or unrestored cars that are restored or original with the correct era parts, for example, fan belts, battery, exhaust systems, etc. Absolutely no reproduction parts, approved or unapproved, are allowed. This class is designed for the true purist who wants nothing but those hard-to-find original parts." As far as 71 - 73 cars being placed in with other years. Yes and no. The cars entered in the 71 - 73 concours class are never combined with other years as the items listed on the judging 71 - 73 sheet is very specific for these years. The modified class has a completely different set of judging sheets, more generic if you will, if I will inject my 2 cents, this class is more on fit, finish and workmanship, therefore it is possible to place multi years together. The 71 - 73 cars are few in number at most MCA shows. I personally have had at times only one car in the concours class to judge. Mac MCA 71 -73 Gold Card Judge
  3. As far as your transmission, if it is an FMX, chances are it is leaking from the shifter seal. There is a complete step by step on how to replace this seal and respective o-ring in the maintenance section of this web site. Mac
    Awww....let me guess....your wife said the GPS said not to turn here, but you said, "Honey I know where I'm going trust me...."
  4. I have often been curious about which oil filter is best. Cut apart a few myself over the years and read a few articles on the subject as well. So good points are brought up here. With that said I'll add my two cents worth for that matter. 1) The design as well as the construction are naturally the heart of any filter. One of the features the manufactures like to point out is the by pass feature. This is suppose to "kick-in" and allow the oil to flow back to the pan in the event of the filter getting plugged up for any reason. It seems that there are to very basic designs; one uses a formed piece of metal that will flex to allow the flow path to open. The second is the use of an actual spring like in a WIX filter. Having designed springs for a hydraulics company, I would prefer an actual spring. 2) The use of a flat external rare earth magnet is cheap insurance and can be transferred from filter to filter when you change your oil. I recently put a manget in my transmission oil pan when I changed the seal and o-ring. The key here is using a rare earth magnet. It will not loose its magnetic qualities as fast as other types. Mac
  5. Mac


    Mac, I have three pictures for your to look at. The first two are 351/FMX and the tube bolts to the bellhousing/block and not the head, and the third picture is a 302/FMX and that also bolts to the bellhousing/block. I don't have a FMX tube that attaches to the head. Truely appreciate your looking, but being the original owner of my car, I'd like keep it the way it came from the factory with the trans dip stick tube mounted to back of the head not off of the trans case. I still have the original one installed, however when I recently replaced my trans shifter seal, I discovered that when my trans was built the tube was "steaked" inside the trans. Only discovered after looking at the bottom of it in the trans. So far (knock on wood) the o-ring on the trans tube does not seem to be leaking, but wanted a replacement one just in case I ever had to deal with a leaky trans tube o-ring. Again thanks for your looking and if you know of one or come across one in the future that mounts to the back of the pass side head, I would definitely be interested. Mac
  6. Mac


    ....Appreciate it! Mac Mac, Do you have a 351 or a 302 that is in front of the FMX? The tubes attach differently on the units based on the bell housing. One is on the back of the head and the other is on the bellhousing. I have a 351 Cleveland. The trans tube has a single bolt that hold the tube against the back of the passenger side head.
  7. Mac


    Should have one down at the garage. Let me look tomorrow for you. ....Appreciate it! Mac
  8. Mac


    WTB transmission dip stick tube for 1971 FMX tranny.
  9. Bummer!!!! Did you ever see this car again?
  10. So close. My dream car s a 1969 Shelby Convertible, big block, red, black interior and top and of course a 4 speed. Actually I had my chance once at a '69 Shelby Fastback. Back in 1973, my wife was expecting and we had my Mach and her Pinto. Needed something with a little more trunk room, so I figured it was time to get rid of my Mach and get a family car. This was also the time the first oil embargo hit us and gas was at $1.50 a gallon, another reason to keep her Pinto and sell the Mach. So I took my Mach to the local Ford Dealer and was trying to trade it in. They did not want it, they didn't want any V8 for that matter. After arguing with the salesman for a time, he finally offered me $600. My car had less than 10,000 milles on it and about 2 years old. Insulted, I told him that I would let it rot behind my garage before I let it go for that. To drive home his point, he took me to a chained in back parking lot and pointed to one section. He explained that all the cars in this section were V8's, family rides to muscle cars, all makes were there. He walked over to a red '69 Shelby fastback, big block with a 4 speed, smacked its hood and said, "Kid give me $1,500 and I let you have this one!" So there was my chance, but I blew it. Told him that I was trying to sell one.....not buy one! I'm still kicking myself over that one!
  11. After seeing this picture Don C posted, I just couldn't move along without commenting. I know This post is for us to list our dream cars and of course, I went right straight to the Ford GT. But...this image has been burnt in my mind for days. Until you see one of these Starliners in person, you just have no idea how far advanced in time this car looked in 1961. This was an era before the big block Fairlanes, Chevelles, GTO's, and the Pony car craze hit. These full-size cars from Ford, GM, and Mopar were the "Best Game in Town" at the time. I will try to keep this short as I am bad about rambling on! While in the service I was close enough that I could occasionally visit my home town. The stories persisted that there was a black 61 Starliner Galaxie from a small nearby town that was coming over on Friday and Saturday nights and outrunning everything in sight. All the Roadrunners, SS Chevelle, Camaros, GTO's, Cobra Jet Fords, you name it, they were getting their A$$'s handed to them on a platter. (Plus all the $$ they were losing). After I got an overseas assignment I lost touch with the updates on this car. Years later I'm at a salvage yard with a friend of mine doing our normal parts "Grazing". While waiting to talk to the owner about a price on our loot, I notice a covered FE engine in the corner. I recognized the block, a cross-bolt 427 block. After a long conversation with the owner, I found out that he was the owner of the mysterious black Starliner. The engine was a two 4bl 427 that was a Holman-Moody built engine. The engine came from a 67 GT500 Shelby that had just come back from the HM shop in NC and lasted a week before the Shelby owner totaled it. Since he ran a salvage yard he bought the totaled Shelby straight from the owner and helped him save his license and stay out of jail. The law frowns on extreme speed and alcohol! He eventually took the car off the road when NO ONE would no longer run him. He had pulled the engine (the one I saw) to put in another car and to my knowledge is still sitting covered in the same corner to this day! And yes I did ask about a selling price on the Starliner or the engine. He replied, "I have more money now than I know what to do with, but I will keep you in mind"! Don, thanks for posting the Starliner picture and transporting me back in time. OK, now I'm through highjacking your response. :D Nice story. Always interesting to hear about actual things that happened back in the day. I know that back then, what is considered muscle cars today were every day drivers back then. I gave my dad a '66 Mustang coupe k-code when I went to serve uncle sam. When I got home he gave it back to me in very sad shape. He drove in Ohio salty winters to work in the steel mills and the weather it took its toll. If you opened the trunk you could see the shackles, trunk floor completely gone. Ending up yanking the motor and sold it to a friend for $50 to put in his pickup truck and crushed the body. If only I knew. Still have the title though.
  12. Ok, just for fun. If you could have any car given to you, what would you wish for? Myself, I've always wanted a 1969 Shelby convertible. Small block, grabber orange with black interior, black top and a 4 speed of course. Mac
  13. Replacing the shifter seal.pdf Added more detail to reassembly process of these instructions. Mac
  14. Alan, Congrats on your new life in retirement! Always admired SC, would have liked to relocate there myself except family is all located here. Instead we moved to our retirement home a few years before actual retirement. No complaints, remodeled the house per my wife's wishes and the garage to mine. You will probably find that with your new retired life, you will wonder how you managed to get anything done while you were still working. If you are ever up in good ole N.E. Ohio, look me up, beer (or wine) is cold and always something shaking in the garage or my man cave. Mac

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