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  1. Yes, it has a 2.25 inch diameter. I only have one. Mac
  2. OK Guys, Being the original owner of my car, I knew that I would be keeping it so I've been gathering pieces and parts over the years. One thing I've picked up is a puzzle, exhaust tip with ford part number D1ZZ 5255-D. The "ZZ" indicates "Mustang" but when compared to original exhaust tips that I also have (Part No D1ZA 5203-AB) there is a difference. Also attached pictures of aftermarket tip for comparison. The shop manual diagram does not give exhaust tips numbers. See attached. So... does anyone have any info / documentation on this puzzle? Mac
  3. Spike, Always nice to see pictures taken from that era. You are absolutely 100% the car in the back ground is a Maverick. The fender emblem of the Maverick with the tell tale steers horns is visible. Thanks for posting. Mac
  4. Back in 2017, I posted a complete "how to replace a 351C water pump" set of instructions. It contains an exact placement water pump bolts by size/length of bolts diagram along with many pictures. This how to can be found by going into the following folders; 1) Tech Forum 2) Engine, Transmission, Drive Line, Etc 3) How to remove a 351C water pump Good luck! Mac
  5. Seen a bumper sticker some time ago that kind a fits this topic, "Snow is a Four Letter Word".
  6. Jeff, I really don't know what a fair price is, ebay shows and entire set of FMX tubes going anywhere from $10 to $20 and I have not been able to see any dip stick tubes other than the chrome after market ones. As far as shipping I will guess $10 to $12. With that said I will make a total guess of $30 to $35 but again I really don't know and do not want to insult you. Let me know what you think. Also how do you want payment; US Postal money order, personal check (if check is ok, I do not mind if you hold parts until check clears)? Mac
  7. Jeff, I'm interested in the dip stick tube on the right (the silver one with no rust), also the alum silver main pressure tube on the right and let me take both compensator pressure tubes. My zip is 44406, send me PM Thanks! Mac
  8. Hello Joe, Mogadore is just "around the corner" from Canfield where I live. If you get bored during the winter and this virus thing slows down, give me a yell. My garage is open year round as it is heated. Just in case you are not aware, there are a couple of Mustangs clubs close to you; the Northeastern Ohio Mustang Club and Mahoning Valley Mustang Club. Both have web sites with more info. Mac
  9. Jeff, Have you had a chance to snap some pictures of the dip stick tubes & 2 transmission tubes yet? Also, just curious, does it snow down you way? What the weather like down by you in the winter? Mac
  10. Jeff, I am interested in 3 FMX items: 1) The dip stick tube for a 351 Cleveland that uses one bolt on back of the pass side head. 2) The alum main press oil tube. (see attached diagram) 3) the compensator pressure tube. (see attached diagram) My zip is 44406 Let me know. Thanks! Mac
  11. Nice! Welcome from Canfield, Ohio. Where are you in Ohio? Mac
  12. I agree, the winter weather here in Ohio limits a car buffs out door activity. It does give you time to catch up on car upkeep if you have a heated garage. As a retired Reznor employee, I was able to purchase a 110,000 BTU ceiling mounted furnace very reasonable. Yes 110,000 BTU is way over kill but the price was excellent and it does heat up my 4 car garage very quickly. So just as you stated it gives you the chance to stay active working on your cars once the snow starts to fly.
  13. Yep.....we also got hit over night, the weather man predicting another 2 to 4 inches. Take a look at what a difference two days makes in the weather here in Canfield Ohio
  14. Thanks for your kind offer to take care of my stang, but I will pass.....didn't the army teach you never to volunteer?? Yeah the bucks certainly have had a different type of season this year along with everybody else I guess. Keep your fingers crossed for next year.
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