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  1. First off, I do not know any details of this car or the owner. The following info was taken from an ad in out local newspaper, The Vindicator today, Oct 22, 2020. I am not interested in it (for health reasons....my wife will kill me), but the milage is extremely low so it is tempting. Any here goes. 1973 MUSTANG - Coupe, vinyl roof, onlly 23k actual miles, excellent condition. Asking only $13k or reasonable offer. Must sell. (330)651-2393. Good luck! Mac
  2. Nice! Good job! It is my opinion that our common interest in our cars bring us together and the friendships formed then keep our hobby going. Mac
  3. Very nice convertible. Before I retired, I would travel to Europe 3 or 4 times a year for work. Always kept my eye open for American cars / trucks. Never seen an American truck and very few Mustangs. Are Mustangs popular in Germany? How is costs and obtaining spare parts? German beer is the best! Although I like a good trapist brew as well. Mac
  4. Mac

    Car Show

    Kilgon, Congrat's on your award. The first award is always something to look forward to. Can't help but notice you're from N.E. Ohio, so am I (Canfield - just outside Youngstown), where are you located? Where was the show? Mac
  5. Mac

    New guy

    Welcome aboard from N.E. Ohio. Sounds like you've been around the block a few times. There is a lot of good info on this web site. Any and all info you can provide about engine "do's and don't" will be most welcome!
  6. I agree, no spoiler. One suggestion though is maybe get a new rear valence with twin exhaust cutouts.
  7. A word of caution, sand blasting is also a stress relieving process. It can warp body panels as most are long stretches of light gage and unsupported. Had a good friend totally destroy a perfectly good hood by sand blasting.
  8. FYI - Latet NPD catalog has Motorcraft Transmission Fluid Type F in one quart bottles for $5.27 each (part #19582-2) Mac
  9. Up to this point, there has been a good discussion on members understanding / view points on the MCA Concours class. However keep in mind that there is actually an addition class to consider, i.e. Thoroughbred class. This is a very tough class. MCA definition as such: "The Thoroughbred Class is designated for the restored or unrestored cars that are restored or original with the correct era parts, for example, fan belts, battery, exhaust systems, etc. Absolutely no reproduction parts, approved or unapproved, are allowed. This class is designed for the true purist who wants nothing but
  10. As far as your transmission, if it is an FMX, chances are it is leaking from the shifter seal. There is a complete step by step on how to replace this seal and respective o-ring in the maintenance section of this web site. Mac
    Awww....let me guess....your wife said the GPS said not to turn here, but you said, "Honey I know where I'm going trust me...."
  11. I have often been curious about which oil filter is best. Cut apart a few myself over the years and read a few articles on the subject as well. So good points are brought up here. With that said I'll add my two cents worth for that matter. 1) The design as well as the construction are naturally the heart of any filter. One of the features the manufactures like to point out is the by pass feature. This is suppose to "kick-in" and allow the oil to flow back to the pan in the event of the filter getting plugged up for any reason. It seems that there are to very basic designs; one use
  12. Mac


    Mac, I have three pictures for your to look at. The first two are 351/FMX and the tube bolts to the bellhousing/block and not the head, and the third picture is a 302/FMX and that also bolts to the bellhousing/block. I don't have a FMX tube that attaches to the head. Truely appreciate your looking, but being the original owner of my car, I'd like keep it the way it came from the factory with the trans dip stick tube mounted to back of the head not off of the trans case. I still have the original one installed, however when I recently replaced my trans shifter seal, I
  13. Mac


    ....Appreciate it! Mac Mac, Do you have a 351 or a 302 that is in front of the FMX? The tubes attach differently on the units based on the bell housing. One is on the back of the head and the other is on the bellhousing. I have a 351 Cleveland. The trans tube has a single bolt that hold the tube against the back of the passenger side head.
  14. Mac


    Should have one down at the garage. Let me look tomorrow for you. ....Appreciate it! Mac
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