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1971 Mach I - original owner.  Bought it as a demo in Jan 1972 for $2995 as a GI coming home.  351 Clev 2V, auto FMX.  One repaint, after 40 years of rubbin on it, I broke through to the primer, so a good body man friend spent an entire winter disassembling/repainting it for me.  Motor, transmission, rear end never out of car.  Over the years added options that I would have ordered; converted to 4 barrel carb using a 4100 carb & aluminum intake, Ford NOS ram air setup, NOS full length console, Magnum 500's, dual exhaust with NOS rear valence. Currently 40,000 miles on it. Dated my wife of over 40 years in this car.  Pictures of son & grand sons in this car.  Feature car in Mustang Monthly Nov 09.

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