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  1. Interested in both rear view mirrors. Please send close up pic's. Thanks! Mac
  2. I am the original owner of my 71 Mach, but like many other members I own other Mustangs. Currently finishing up restoration of my 66 convertible and hoping that some other members may have the lower front windshield trim that is between the dash pad and the window itself. I believe that this is a 2 piece item. If you have this please contact me with condition and price. Thanks! Mac
  3. Just wondering. How many members gave their car a name? For myself, I've owned my 71 Mach since new and my family, friends and myself have always refered to it as, "The Mach". I do have other friends with Mustangs who also given them names. What do you call yours? Mac
  4. The following is an ad that appeared in my local newspaper in Canfield, Ohio today. I am not selling this car, I do not have any other info other than what the ad states. I'm only passing this on for your info.: "1973 Mustang - Coupe - Brown with brown vinyl top, saddle interior, only 23k actual miles. A real nice car. Asking only $10,500. (330) 651-2393. Mac
  5. Bottom line, comes time to sell, it is only worth as much as your buyer is willing to pay.
  6. Auto spell checked butchered my first sentence. It should say, This past spring I changed my seal and oring.......
  7. This past spring I changed my sale and of ring on my FMX trans for a total of $8 for a new seal and Oring plus trans fluid and filter. Having never do this before I took detailed notes and pictures. These instructions can be found in this sites Tech Forum in the General Maintenance and Repairs section. Look on page 5 for article Changing a Shifter Seal and Oring on FMX Trans. Not to hard to do. Worst part is getting the small bullet shaped plunger back in place. Good luck!
  8. .....Retired.....Under New Management.....For Details Contact My Wife !!!
  9. You will need the map light assembly (D1WB-15650-AA). See attached pictures. These are a tough item to find. I do believe that one of the members of this site has reproduced a copy. Their name escapes me right now. Maybe another member can jump in here with this info. Good Luck! Mac
  10. Don't know if this will help, but I believe that in some states their Bureau of Motor Vehicles will provide information on previous owners to the current owner. Worth a shot anyway. Mac
  11. All, OK, if you are reading this, you either own one, thinking about one or looking for info on one. With that said, I'm sure that you like certain things/features that you like/love and like wise hate some features or things as well and would love to change. Just curious as to how you feel about your car or the 71-73's in general. Myself, I like the seats and ride of my 71 over my 66 convertible. Also like the style of it, it seems to build on the 69-70 style of the Shelby. My Mach always gets attention when I take it our for a spin. As far as hate, I joking refer to the back window as my, "sun roof that slid down". And the sport mirrors look nice but are way to small. So how do you feel about yours? Mac
  12. Interested in the intake manifold if still available. Mac
  13. How about "lo-jack" (not sure of spelling) any one with experience with this system?
  14. Do you have an alarm system in your car? What type? Costly? Are you satisfied with it? Difficult to install? Mac
  15. My opinion is that the auto manufactures have too much invested in electric cars to back out now. However I do believe that the hydrogen power vehicle is the way to go, only emission from it is water. As far as the "Mach E", I agree that trying to associate this vehicle to a Mustang is a loser. Rather if you really want to associate it with a Ford product, why not resurrect the Galaixe as "GalaixE" Mac
  16. Another Ohio Buckeye welcomes you. Good looking ride. What power train does it have?
  17. Very nice! Always wondered what a person needs to do when they import a car (Mustang) from the U.S. to Europe. Must you change to right hand drive? Upgrade lights? How are the taxes on a specialty car like a Mustang? How much do plates cost? Reason for asking, a few years ago I would work in Belgium for short periods and was always curious if I wanted to bring my '71 Mach over for 6 months. Mac
  18. Seems strange to me that Ford never formally assigned this exhaust tip to a production car but yet some of this unused stock was released to the public. Also what is ultra strange is that the tip I have with the Ford wrapper printed D1 ZZ5255-D part number on it yet the tip itself has "D1 ZZ5255 D V2K" stamped on one side of it and "T 4710 V2K" stamped on the other side. Also the Ford oval is not stamped anywhere on this tip like it is on their other more common standard tip. Mac
  19. Yes, it has a 2.25 inch diameter. I only have one. Mac
  20. OK Guys, Being the original owner of my car, I knew that I would be keeping it so I've been gathering pieces and parts over the years. One thing I've picked up is a puzzle, exhaust tip with ford part number D1ZZ 5255-D. The "ZZ" indicates "Mustang" but when compared to original exhaust tips that I also have (Part No D1ZA 5203-AB) there is a difference. Also attached pictures of aftermarket tip for comparison. The shop manual diagram does not give exhaust tips numbers. See attached. So... does anyone have any info / documentation on this puzzle? Mac
  21. This is a tough piece to find. Good price.
  22. Spike, Always nice to see pictures taken from that era. You are absolutely 100% the car in the back ground is a Maverick. The fender emblem of the Maverick with the tell tale steers horns is visible. Thanks for posting. Mac
  23. Back in 2017, I posted a complete "how to replace a 351C water pump" set of instructions. It contains an exact placement water pump bolts by size/length of bolts diagram along with many pictures. This how to can be found by going into the following folders; 1) Tech Forum 2) Engine, Transmission, Drive Line, Etc 3) How to remove a 351C water pump Good luck! Mac
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