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  1. Selling a Cigarette lighter with base - a leftover which I found in my toolbox today - sold as it is. Price: 20$ + shipping Location: Dayton Ohio Payment: Cash or Paypal Thanks, Wolfgang
  2. Selling a set of original inner rear splash shields. Parts need cleaning but are in good shape with no cracks. Price: $ 50,- + shipping[/url] Location: Dayton Ohio Payment: Cash or Paypal Thanks, Wolfgang
  3. Selling an original passenger side quarter trim panel. The panel has a little crack in the upper corner. I applied some glue, to save it from cracking further. Other than that, it is in good condition - with no cutouts and can be easily restored. Price: $ 130,- + shipping[/url] Location: Dayton Ohio Payment: Cash or Paypal Thanks, Wolfgang
  4. Proportioning valve internal parts are all there, sold as it is. Price: $30 + shipping Location: Dayton, Ohio Payment: Cash or pay pal Thanks for looking https://ibb.co/QMtw3my https://ibb.co/tD9q7zy https://ibb.co/LNjdNWv
  5. One vent is cracked on top other than that in good shape both together $40 + shipping Headliner bow hooks $20 + shipping Don't know if the Horn works, sold as it is $20 + shipping Everything together $60 + shipping Location: Dayton Ohio Payment: Cash or Paypal Thanks for looking Wolfgang
  6. Hi, great resto, it is a pleasure to how much attention you paid to details. I also like the way you work - organised, clean and with system. congratulations and acknowledgement from Europe cheers Wolfgang
  7. Hi folks, Haven't been here for a while. As I mentioned in my last post, the restoration project came to an end. On the second attempt I sucessfully passed the check at the provincial inspection authority. So, since July 2017 my Mustang is also officially recognized street legal in Austria. In the link below you can find some new pics: https://www.mustang-inside.de/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4198&start=270 Kind regards from Europe Wolfgang
  8. Thanks guys, appreciate it...keep fingers crossed for the tech inspection! cheers Wolfgang
  9. Hi folks, after eight years my restoration project is now almost completed. On the 23th of June I will present it at the provincial inspection authority. That's more or less the last hurdle I need to take. I will be fully depend on the opinion of the relevant engineer. Just if he approves that the car meets all required standards it can be legally registered in Austria. Not just one time I got really frustrated and was close to the point of giving up. But looking back, I can definitely say that I personally gained with the project. My special thanks goes to Don from Ohio Mustangs and all the members who answered to my questions I had on some technical issues. The first test drives put a big smile on my face. Sorry that I didn't share the whole project in this forum but it would have took to much time to post in German and English. Anyways as you know that pictures can say more than a thousand words, I would like to invite you to follow the link below. It will lead you to the Forum of the First Mustang Club of Germany, where I documented the restoration... https://www.mustang-inside.de/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4198 cheers Wolfgang
  10. Late but still Here is the promised pic of my rear seat belt:
  11. I got in contact with a well known part dealer who might be capable to provide the desired parts. If not I will go with modern 3 point seat belts in black Color. They meet todays safty standards and are easy to get. The only thing which disturbs me on them, is the fact, that most belts are manufactured in a way that they are always visible on the side windows. Original shoulder belts, when not in use, ran along the roofline. An idea would be to get belts like these: http://www.stevens-shop.de/shop/Sicherheitsgurte/Gurte-fuer-PKW/Automaticgurt-fuer-den-mittleren-Ruecksitz::74.html?XTCsid=ae5e2cbd4891fb9b049d98db9b9db756 To avoid any esthetic losses, I would then mount the retractor to the roof panel. The lap seat belt would be static and the shoulder belt retractable. But for now thats just an idea. Wolfgang
  12. Hi guys Thanks for all the Information about seat belts. As I wrote in my first thread, my interior and the seat belts where green. But back to the topic, does anyone of you have the parts I am looking for? Wolfgang [/i]
  13. Going for vacation but as soon as I am back I will post some pics of the seatbelts. They are factory, sure about that. They all have Ford tags on them. Cheers Wolfgang
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