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    Just bought a 1972 Mustang Grande survivor from GA. About to trailer it up to OH.


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  1. Automatic shifter? From the linkage up to the handle? I need the whole enchilada. if there is a serviceable console, I would be interested in that too.
  2. Automatic? The entire shifter assembly, from the linkage and up to the handle?
  3. Automatic? I need the entire shifter assembly, from the linkage and up to the handle. I'd also consider the console, if it's decent, as a package.
  4. Is this an automatic? I need the entire floor shifter assembly, from the linkage up, and I'd make you a very fair offer for the console as well - provided it's in decent shape.
  5. I bought an aftermarket chin spoiler for my 1972 Grande, and there is no way this will fit correctly. Does anyone have any experience with aftermarket chin spoilers? Looking for feedback on which one fits, which ones don't fit, or any other helpful info.
  6. Thanks Elizabeth73! It was a dark green, and it showed its' age. Now it is a black vinyl top. It has the dark green interior. It seems replacing vinyl tops is a dying art, as it was pretty hard to find someone who could do it right. I found a guy in his late twenties who did a great job, and at a fair price. I am not shy about tackling much, but the vinyl top just seemed out of my league.
  7. second try uploading. I switched to IE instead of Firefox 1972 Grande, 302 automatic Found this in GA 18 months ago. Mechanicals updated Disc Brake conversion New Interior All new seals on doors, windows, etc. New vinyl top New suspension Aluminum manifold with 650 4-barrel & ceramic headers I have a few months of summer to enjoy it still, then over the winter its time for a new exhaust and maybe the repro factory air.
  8. [attachment=32866][attachment=32865] The 72 Grande is coming close to completion. New interior Mechanicals all refreshed Disc brake conversion done New suspension all around Stripped and primed And final paint being applied Hope the pictures come through here. Maybe two more weeks
  9. I have a brand new set of 1972 front drums with all new brake hardware in my garage. I bought them for my 1972 project, before I stumbled across a full front disc brake set-up.
  10. [bought mine from Kee as well. Went on perfect, looks great. I was lucky, as the old original top came off nice and easy, and other than removing the residual glue, I had zero body work to do.
  11. I am getting to the end of making my '72 Grande ready for the summer. In a week or two it will go in to be stripped and repainted. Does anyone have experience with paints from The Coating Store? Since I am doing a total strip I can get a little out-of-the-box when it comes to color and finish. They have interesting finishes and colors, but I do not know anyone with any experience with them.
  12. Someone clearly loved that car from day 1! I am sure you are going to love it just as much, if not more. Congrats on a great find!
  13. I could use the front windshield interior trim pieces, and perhaps the armrests, and the grill. How about the grill mounting brackets? I definitely need the mounting brackets.
  14. I have a 72 Grande I am working on. It is in surprisingly good shape - except for the 73 grill. I am sure I am looking for a red haired three-legged dog here - I need a 72 grill and the mounting brackets. Especially the mounting brackets!
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