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  1. The Naca Hood was a no cost option on 73 Q codes as far as I know. Some people didn't want the Naca Hood. Ram air not available on on Q codes in 72-73. Hood locks were part of the two tone hood option. When you see two tone hoods with out the locks it is most likely aftermarket paint. When you see side stripes and chrome along the sides it usually means the stripes are added.
  2. Here are a few pics of my dusty 73 Mach in slumber. Pics also of ASC sticker in drivers jam and ASC paperwork
  3. I have an aftermarket Power ASC Sunroof on my 73 Mach I. This is one of the reasons I bought it, besides the 21 or so options including Q code 4sp power windows, AC etc. and originally sold and lived in Beverly Hills Ca.. Keep the sunroof as it is a better story than a replaced roof and makes your car more unique. Some cars are better restored to an era in their history than factory. If people complain about it, it is about them more than your car. Plenty of non sunroof Q Mach's to go around. Be unique. Be confident your car is better than those dark inside cars. Your car will be more original with most of your original roof still intact. Don't erase that. In College had a 71 Boss with a sunroof like yours and loved it and I currently have two Mark 1V's with ASC sunroof's and an ASC McLaren. Some of us like quality changes like ASC did. As far as I know all "Factory" sunroof cars were sent to ASC for conversion so not really "factory". Yours looks like an ASC Sunroof, just added sometime after the Marti report unlike "factory" cars which were on the Marti. You have the best of both worlds since they didn't make a Mach 1 convertible.
  4. Selling two Q code Verts. One is currently for sale for $25,900 and can be seen on Ebay and Hemmings. Yellow White 4 sp. Power windows etc. Loaded 23 options. I also posted a Marti of another 73 Selling soon and will want at least $25,000 for. Might try for more at first as it is 99% original with 83K miles and special paint and mostly excellent condition. You can see it's twin on San Ramon Ca. Craigs List for $49,000. Claimed to have under 10K miles. Also posted a marti On a rare executive 69 Vert for sale soon for around $20,000.Also an 1989 McLaren coming soon for around 20K. Only Paris Blue and Tan that year under 60K miles.

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