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  1. I am interested in the 73 front bumper Tim
  2. Agreed that is always an option, car is not a driver it stays covered up, I enjoy my 73. I did find a NOS motor a month ago but it didn’t work and when I took it apart the magnets where all broken up like if fell of a truck on the highway. Lol
  3. Hello everyone i have a surviver 71 429 car, my driver side power window motor has stopped working. Does anyone have a good working motor they are willing to sell. fill free to text me at 512-966-2032 (Tim) Must be working and original
  4. Rozz


    I am still looking for the 429cj ramair clean, please keep me in mind as your search the great inter web. Tim
  5. I am looking for the wiring clips that hold the under hood light to the hood and the clips that hold up the windshield washer hose to the hood. Good unbroken clips only. If you have any please text me at 512-966-2032, thanks Tim
  6. Pm sent, but can text me at 512-966-2032
  7. Welcome from the Austin area, if you want to get together let know
  8. I will say I liked the car but, if I had to work wit that GM from Galpin Ford one of us would not have seen the car finished. He just rubs me wrong just by looking at him..
  9. Going off of memory, I Remember seeing a show that bob perkins ended up with the blue one. Someone here may be able to verify that.
  10. Going off of memory, I Remember see a show that bob perkins ended up with the blue one. Someone here may be able to verify that.
  11. Thanks for the replies , I will check out eBay.
  12. I am looking for a power window motor for the passenger side, 1971 mustang. Not looking for a repo
  13. Hey Mike it’s coming alone nicely, let me know when it’s done. If I can talk the wife into it I will trailer mine there, and we can go to the cruising grand together again. I really enjoyed that night with y’all. Tim
  14. Information taken off of the 429megasite battery Ford used a battery shield on cars with air conditioning or high performance engines (Boss 351 and 429 CJ/SCJ). The purpose of the shield was to deflect engine compartment heat away from the battery. Note how the shield is placed around the top and side of the battery. The part number for this shield (now obsolete) is D0OB-10A682-A . For 1971, Ford offered both a Group 24 and a 27 battery, but the 429 Mustang used only the 27F.
  15. Thank you everyone, I found an original one so my search is over for this part.
  16. Thanks Steve, mine still had it as of a few weeks ago when I put my car in the shop. They pulled the battery out to work on the rust on the battery tray. They did not put the heat shield back on and now they can't find it. The heat shield came on the 3 run of heat shields produced, late 70 though 73 on all high performance engines, big block cars with A/c as well as high performance 351cj cars. That was mustangs or Torino's that had the group 27 battery. Tim
  17. Hello everyone, I am still looking to purchase a battery heat shield for a 1971 429cj a/c car, part number is D0OB-A682-A. can anyone give me a lead where I can find one. Tim
  18. Yes sir you could. I keep waiting for someone to PM me and say hey buddy, I have a couple. I have been looking for a few years now.
  19. Yes, the block off plates are used on cars that have the NASA hood but, does not have the ram air set up with the flappers. I have been looking for a set of good actuators to get my flappers working for the last couple of years, just in case someone has a set they will part with.
  20. Rozz


    Hello everyone, I am looking for a original battery heat shield for a 1971 a/c car. Tim
  21. Maybe just me lance, but I don’t see any pictures, congrats on the project. It will be fun getting dirty with the wife, it always makes any project better when you have someone with you. I live just north of Austin if you guys feel like meeting up some time. Tim
  22. Looks like the wiring that goes to the voltage regular has seen its better days, there is no more insulation for about an inch on any of the wires where it plugs into the regulator.
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