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  1. Question ole wise ones, all my lights flicker when the car is running, with the car off and lights on there is no problem. Only when engine is running. Problem is with all lights, headlights, maker lights and the interior lights. Amy ideas?
  2. Welcome to the 429 brother hood, from Texas. Your car is awesome. Tim
  3. If the bumper is still available you can text me at 512-966-2032
  4. I am looking for 1971 both front fender extension in original pewter patina, let me know if you can help.
  5. Does anyone know where I can find a choke stove for Quadrajet carb for a 429 cj motor. Also looking for both front fender extensions painted pewter, looking for that original patina. Any help would be much appreciated. Tim
  6. Rozz


    Hello everyone, I am looking for an original 1971 429 ram air cleaner base, if any one has any leads please pass them my way. Thanks
  7. Yes I still have it, I am located outside of Austin Texas Tim
  8. Thank you for keeping an eye out for me, I will take all the help I can get to find one.
  9. I have been looking for a factory mustang 429 ram air cleaner, can anyone help me with this? I can be reached at rozz1999@aol.com. I have been looking for along time and not having any luck.please help.
  10. Well the picture does not look like it saved to the post so, send me an email and I will send you the picture of what is stamped on the back of the block.
  11. I have a 429 cj short block believed to be standerd bore, pistons are stamped 429cj, correct crank, timing chain cover and oil pan. I don’t have a price on it, but I paid $2000 for it about 5 years ago, so that should give you a idea of what I am looking for. I got it as an extra just in case, never been in my cars. Back of the block is stamped 0A125366 it would be OR125366, the letter did not stamp very well. Here is a picture of the stamp, best way to reach me is by email, rozz1999@aol.com.
  12. Sorry I put this in the wrong place, please except my apologies. It’s for sale and I don’t know how to delete this post. Best way to reach me is by email (rozz1999@aol.com)
  13. I am sure I have a extra map light. You can email me at rozz1999@aol.com. I do not get on this site very often this days. Tim
  14. Welcome from Texas, I love the j-code over the boss. But, that's just me.
  15. Welcome and glad you decide to join the forum. I am also glad to see their is another 429 car still on the road. The 429 cars are rare, I would not do anything that could not be changed back to original so please leave the hockey stick strips off and be glad your j-code does not look like the H-code.
  16. Hey Jim, your car looks fantastic. The last time I saw it it was in pieces on the kitchen table. It's really turning out nice. I would agree the shop take care of what ever is on the matte black. Tim
  17. Mike it's really looking good, before you know it it will be cruising around and just enjoying all your hard work.
  18. I think this a 72 Montego ram air cleaner for the holly Tim
  19. Mike I tried to buy your magnums once. So if you decide to go with the slots let me know. Tim Ps and if you keep polishing that paint you will be able to brush you teeth in that reflection.
  20. What it's back? This is truly a good day. Mike were you ever able to get your car registered? I am curious if I was the last one or not.
  21. Welcome from up the road in Austin, TX
  22. Looks great Mike, really coming out nice. Oh and there nothing boring about a 45 year old mach 1.
  23. The head light trim should be black as well. Standard grill and mach 1 stripes, I would be carefull.
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