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  1. Welcome board, lots of good info floating around this site.
  2. Rozz


    Not that clean anymore. Parts scattered across floor, engine hoist sitting in my way as I trip over it daily, two buckets of radiator fluid waiting to be taken to the recycle center, the list goes on! Can't wait to get the engine back! That would be pretty cool! Got to get my engine back and get this baby running again! Quick question. I moved back here from TN so car still has a TN plate=no state inspection. When I change over to TX plates will I need to hook up all EGR stuff to pass state veh inspection or do they pass you on this due to having a "antique" car? No Texas is old car friendly, not checking emission controls on old cars yet. Just another reason I like the long star state.
  3. Rozz


    Welcome, I love seeing another Texan join in. I just wish some of us could get together for a ride, that would look cool with 10-15 cars on the road together.
  4. I ordered the drivers side door glass from Auto City Glass and had them put the date codes on it since all my other glass was original. Came in prefect with a great fit.
  5. Mike, your doing an amazing job on your car. When it's all done shoot me a email and I will try to get the wife and I to make trip up there to see it in person. Besides that would give her a reason to go back to the beach. Lol. I have not seen how Jim's car is coming Alone but, I am sure his wife is happy to have the kitchen back. Really enjoyed our visit and looking forward to seeing it at cruzin grand. Tim
  6. Thanks guys good advise, EdM since we live fairly close how about we get together one day, would love to check out your lift.
  7. How high does your ceiling need to be for one of these? I would love one.
  8. Welcome from Texas. You will enjoy the site almost as much as having a Boss.
  9. It would be easier to just get another sport mirror.
  10. Great looking car, I love the color... Congrat
  11. Welcome from Texas, glad to have another big block mustang join us. C-code car is rare share some photos when you get a chance. Tim
  12. Very good article on the vacuum switch... I have an electric ported vacuum switch on my 71 j code car. Very strange devise for sure. I was told that it was part of the California emission controls but, I am not sure if that is correct.
  13. My wife and I meet up with Jim and his family for a fantastic dinner on the coast, then carried own for hours talking cars at his home and checking out his nice 73 convertable. What a great guy and lovely family not to mention a soon to be sweet cruiser. Can't wait to see it completed. Tim
  14. Just re-read what I wrote , sorry should have read your gonna have ( a really nice car). Your taking your time and it is showing in the quality. We are making plans for cruise night, we saw some nice rides driving around today, so now we are pumped up. I also send Jim a text message about meeting up but, have not heard back yet. Tim
  15. Mike, enjoyed the visit today. Your car is coming together quite nicely, it's gonna be a car when your done. We are going to try and make the cruise night Friday.
  16. Welk resort off of champagne blvd... Could not rent a mustang my wife went with a challenger.
  17. Jim we are staying in Escondido. I googled the car show it's looks to be amazing but, I cannot stay that long.
  18. Tim, Too bad you're not staying for the following weekend. There is a nice show, mustangs by the bay, that the local club puts on. Where in SD are you staying? jim If the show is Saturday I might be able to move some things around and stay an extra day. I would love to see the show. Tim
  19. Wife and I are going to be in San Diego on vacation from Sunday 9-20th to Friday 9-25th. If anyone wants to meet up let us know. Email is rozz1999@aol.com Tim
  20. There was a person in I think Austria that put a boss 429 in a 73 and made his hood, it looked just like this one. It may be the same person.
  21. For me, it would be the difference between an apple and a orange. But that's just me.
  22. The problem with old cars is nothing fit very straight, compared to the way they do with today's cars. The factory standards were very low back in the good old days...maybe because that was before workplace drug testing:)
  23. Welcome back to the dark side
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