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  1. Pm sent: interest in the center console insert box, lift hooks and tie down brackets and front sway bar bushing brackets. Sorry I sent the this to the wrong person.
  2. I a lot of money for a c-code car that that now has a ram air... Some people are willing to pay for an original but if this has been changed which makes me wander what else has been changed. Hmmm.
  3. I agree there is a but for every seat, somebody just might want to own a piece of history. This would make a nice car for the collection.
  4. If any one is looking for a gem, check it out...does not look bad in the photos. 1971 ford mustang 429 scj mach 1 survivor - $39000 (smyrna[/b],tn) Craigs list dallas
  5. Thanks for the info Adrian. Like mike says very interesting..
  6. Good to see we have some of you guys in San Diego area, my wife are going there in September for a week of R & R, we might just give a shout out... Very few of our cars in Austin
  7. I am looking for a R-code 70 model now. But, color change killed it for me. It would cost way to much to repaint and change all the interior back. That would put some where around 100,000 for a 50,000 dollar car. Sure wish he would have kept it original. But that's just me.
  8. I have been buying from Don @ OMS for 20 years, stand up guy. Everyone else comes in second in my book...
  9. The car is not mine, looked to be in descent shape. Might be a sprint model based on the color.
  10. http://austin.craigslist.org/cto/4991165369.html
  11. What rpm are you turning @70 mph with 3:50 gears? I have 3:90 in mine now but that's to low for regular highway driving.
  12. Any help would be appreciate. These thing are hard to find.
  13. My 73 is medium copper, I love that color. My 71 is light pewter and black.
  14. I am looking for a few hard to find parts. Please let know if anyone has any of them. Front fender rain diverters, mounts on the rear of the fender near the wind shield. Speedometer reducer for a c-6 transmission. Radiator wind diverter and mounting clips. Can anyone help?
  15. I got the sway bar u brackets today they are in great shape. Thanks
  16. I think the price is high, it will need a lot after sitting. Once this car starts moving around again there will be a lot of small issues that will come up.
  17. Pm box still full, send me a email at rozz1999@aol.com
  18. I like them as well, I will be looking at buying some after payday. Everything I read from every body seemed to be very positive , except from kit but nothing new there.
  19. Interested in the u shaped mounting brackets for front sway bar but, your pm is full.
  20. Welcome from Austin, driving a mustang is not about the high end horse power it's more about not driving a chevy...
  21. Welcome from austin my fellow texas mustang lover.
  22. How do tell tell the date code of a tire?
  23. Welcome from austin, I smell a meet and great coming soon.
  24. What were you thinking telling your wife you bought a map light. Some people may have called it a map light in the early 70's but the rest of us simply called it a rolling light and that was real handy back in the good old days. LOL
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