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  1. Seems like it's all over the place on this option. I have a 73 deluxe interior with fmx transmission(chrome shifter). I also have a 71 deluxe interior with a c6 and it has the leather shifter. I know the 71 is original. The 73 I think is original but I am not sure.
  2. +1, when I ordered my elite report they emailed the basic report and once my elites showed up it had everything in a nice little frame.
  3. I have a car with 28 spline axle and 2:73 gears, found it to be boring so swapped it out with a 3:90 third member and some 31 spline axles. Much more exciting now. 28 and 31 spline axles swapped no problems in the same housing.
  4. I am sure others on here will know more than me but, I have only seen the chrome lids for non ram air cars.
  5. + 1 on the mustang room, I love it...
  6. Rozz


    You gotta love the Union
  7. Mike now that your retired you will have to bring it to the austin area. Tim
  8. Alright it is apparent that i have no idea how to post a video, because it did not work.. Any help guys. Alright here is the second attempt. View My Video Ok three attempts I quit
  9. Alright it is apparent that i have no idea how to post a video, because it did not work.. Any help guys.
  10. I agree with you both you cannot drift in these cars very long, I tried many times when I was young, it just will not happen. They a straight line car only. I was wanting to take my 71 to the track and see what kinda of times it will turn. That's why I was wanting a good shift range on a stock motor. In my 73 that also has a 429, I start flowing the valves about 6100-6200 rpm. But, it's not even close to being stock. So I am shifting @ 6000.
  11. It may be for the electric windows. I do know my 71 has electric windows and it has the same wiring and relay. My 73 is Manuel windows and it does not have either those wires and relay. Tim
  12. I was kinda guessing around 5000 rpm would be close. I know it has a lot of torque but I am not to sure it would kick around at 40-50 mph. Heck my other car is not original and I am not sure it would even do that. Thanks I will footing my foot in it very soon. Tim
  13. I have a stock 429 cj, everything is stock. Before I put my foot in it to hard. I would like to know at what rpm range should I be shifting. Of course I understand thing will change depending on temp on so on. What just looking for a round starting point. Regular c-6 tranny and 3:25 gears. What do you think? Tim
  14. A true cj motor will not have dove heads. Should be DOOE-R heads with Finn valve covers and the oil dip stick should be a chrome handle. Although the 6015-AA might be a cobra jet it does not mean it is. There are servaral differences between a thunder jet and a cobra jet.
  15. I had mine rebuilt with Inland Truck Parts in Austin, rebuilt everything inside and change to 3:89 gears. They did a great job and has been around for along time. They can do what ever you need done, axles, transmissions, drive shafts and so on.
  16. I contacted them a few months ago. The price tag will be just north of $100,000 dollars, they are taking down payments now. Unfortunately the Mrs. Told me to forget about it :(
  17. Your right about the dash lights being way to dim, I do not know how we drove these cars at night back then. May be mid life has a simple fix for this as well.
  18. Really how can it be NOS for 1973 but it has a stamp showing oct of 1976. Something does not sound right to me. I can not be the only one that saw that.
  19. I think that's a good thing... Always good to stand by what you say. That's what make a stand up type of guy...
  20. Kinda thinking it might be the master cylinder that's bad. But, in the past when the master cylinder was bad I could pump it afew times and get a good pedal. As it stands I have only one half decent pedal. If I try and pump it it's gone. That's my only concern, is it really the master cylinder or not? Tim
  21. Booster check valve was replaced as well. Has to be something internal leaking. Ok I tried the test. Engine off, I pumped the brakes about 3-4 times, pedal was firm. When I started the engine pedal went all the way down to the hard stop. I no longer have the vacuum pump on the car because it really did not make any difference and it made way to much noise. Tim
  22. I have a 73 originally 351 car now has a 429. Vacuum is 11 -12 manifold vacuum. I had the booster and master cylinder rebuilt during the restoration. Problem is, brake pedal is very easy to push when applied and if I hold the brake pedal down it bleeds off the pressure till it goes to a hard bottom. Thinking I did not have enough vacuum I added a vacuum pump ( very loud ) did not help. I add a vacuum canister and that did not help either. The manifold vacuum is the same as my 71 J code and those brakes work great. What do you guys think?
  23. Thanks guys. Is that the same for the DOOE-R heads?
  24. Does anyone know what the ( R ) stands for in the CJ-R. My marti report shows engine as a 429 CJ-R, I know the CJ stands for cobra jet but, what's the R?
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