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  1. I have never seen a cast iron pulley on any car ever. I have a 71 & 73 and both has a regular pulley. So I am no help.
  2. I agree 35 is to much, I only paid 20 for mine and is in great original shape other than a little faded on the hood.
  3. Wow, where is the interior light? Steering wheel center is wrong as well as the shifter handle. I quit looking at it. It's cheap wander why?
  4. Now I remember why I live in Texas, a couple of years ago we got a couple of inches. All kidding aside, put a way the glasses and break out the bottle. Stay inside.
  5. Hmmm let's see, they are not making this car any more...buy the car. You can always make more kids. Wait keep the kids, car is sold already.
  6. 1) 1971- J code, 429 2) 1973- h code 351 2v I hope some can post the end results sometime Rozz
  7. What a wide verity of people into the best years that mustang were made. We have attorneys, police, mechanics, architects, IT people, trash men, mustang babes, rocket scientists, teachers and a whole lot of old people. So if we were on our own island with this great group of people sooner or later my services would be needed as I have been a Funeral Director for more than 20 years and I love helping people during the worst time of their life.
  8. Wow, not to often you see two 429 j codes side by side. This is an awesome picture to have. There was not not that many 429,s put in mustangs but, I sure do see serveral still out there. I would have assumed more would have wrecked and parted out by now. We should start a new thread to see how many are still on the road.
  9. I have no problem renting the j code out for the day, as long as you pay the rental price. Hahaha
  10. Yep, my j code was a hertz car as well, at least that's what my original invoice.
  11. I purchased from this guy in Canada, he is very slow to reply. I ended up talking to his son to get things moving. He used to have a phone number on the 429 megasite in the parts board section. But, for some reason I cannot get in the parts board section any more.
  12. Now that's what I am talking about. I did not think the boss 9 would fit with the shock towers. As for as the hood who cares, you need that monster to be seen.
  13. Welcome to the 429 club, you will enjoy it for sure. I have to second what kit said about the exhaust pipes. I have 3" pipes with headers on my 1973 (429 engine) I hate it. My 1971 429 all stock fits right and the proformance difference is not much at all.
  14. Thanks for the information. Sounds interesting.
  15. Ok I am not the smartest person here, that being said what is cal tracs? Rozz
  16. Ok I read all 12 pages so far and I must say the stories are awesome. So here goes on mine. A little long but what a good story. In 1984 while working at a local hot rod shop as a kid, the owner of the shop drove a 1970 Mach 1 which got me seeing fastbacks in my sleep. But I was a young man making very little money. But, I had an 78 ford f100 short bed that he said he would help me build. All I had to pay for was parts and his labor would be free as long as I helped. So the game was on. He got a 429 cj engine and transmission from his connection at a salvage yard with the only guarantee that they could be rebuild. We Bored the block thirty over and rebuild the transmission slapped a set of 3:90 gears on the rear end and I was having the time of my life. When I found out what cars came originally with this kind of engine combo I started my search for a 71-73 mustang to put this engine in. Well life got in the way I pulled the engine, transmission and rear end out of the truck, stuck in a home made wooden box in my dad's outdoor shed. Join the army, got married then while serving in Texas my wife and I saw a freshly repainted 73. I really wanted a Mach 1 and it had to be yellow because that was what I had been looking for for several years. Looking the car over we saw a place that was not taped correctly when repainted and it was yellow. So I bought it as quickly as possible. Then was sent to serve in Korea, so sat for the 2 years while I was there. Once I returned I had some money in my pocket so we bought ourself a new car and this 73 sat for 25 years. Never really paying much attention to the vin number. Just started it up once in a while. Well finally my wife told me to restore it or get rid of it. That's when I found out how stupid I was. The 1973 was not a Mach 1 just a sports roof, original color was not yellow. The car had been wrecked and pieced mill back together. Car was really not worth building. But I had to anyway, after all it was the first car my wife and bought together and took up the my parents garage, her grand mothers garage and finely our garage for the last 25 years. Many many thousands of dollars later car was restored with mostly NOS parts, repainted it with factory color (med copper) rebuild the 429 cj engine, transmission and read end that I had kept for decades, in my parents shed. Car is all done now and what a feeling to see it come back to life. But, now I am smarter and I kept the original 351 drive train and it's in the same wooden box in my shed. Well here is what I found out many years later they made more than 35,000 Mach 1's in 73 but, only 10,000 or so sports roof versions. My 1973 sportroof according to the marti report it is 1 of 1 clear glass , AM radio, dog dish hub caps with a deluxe interior. Second mustang, is a 1971 Mach 1 j code all original California car, I got this car from the second owner, original owner was in his 80's when he decided to let it go. The last time he drove it he bumped the front bumper and cracked the grill. He said he was getting to old to drive it so he parked it in 1984, sold it in 2007 to the second owner with 58,000 miles on it. This owner as you could image was spending all his time and money chasing down all the little thing that comes up with a car that sits for that long. Leaks and more leaks. Soon he lost interest and put it up for sale. He listed it every where 429 megasite, craigslist and local advertising. Something had to be wrong with this car not to selling. The owner an I started talking and emailing and texting back and forth for the next year or so. He told me of all the stupid offers he was getting but not really many interest buyers. I watched this car for about about year and a half teasing me but, not really having the space for it, or the money, or the time to go look at it. I gave myself every reason in the world to not buy another project. My wife knew I always wanted a real Mach 1 and she knew a original 429 j code was driving me crazy. But, remember the excuses, when she talked me into selling our boat the condition was if I was to sell the boat I was buying another mustang and after several months she sell the boat---- I do not care what you do with the money, just sell the boat. Well I had to do a unplanned road trip about a month later for one of my kids and while out on the road, I had to make a little detour and go see this car, after all it was the holy grail mustang and it was only a few hours out of the way. It was exactly as described even had the original mufflers . To say my wife was in shock when she saw me drive up pulling a another mustang on a trailer well, that would be an understatement. A long story short the second owner had replaced ever gasket there was . He never could get the car running very good at all, All I really had to do is rebuild the original carb. It now has has 65,000 miles on it and was the best old car I ever bought. And yes, it still has the broken grill ( I call it the battle scars). Tim
  17. I am looking for rear sway bar and mounting brackets. Let me if you have them. Rozz
  18. Rozz, Right on the 815 429's with a C-6. I drive mine lots of places. It had 750 miles on it since it was restored in 2003. I am responsible for about another 300 so far. I don't believe in saving it for the next guy but I will take good care of it until he gets it one day in the future! Mike We live way to close to each other to not get together and check out these cars. Mine has never been touched yet but, that will change soon I hope. Do you and the wife ever come to austin? If not then we need to make a plan. Tim
  19. Kit, I understand you are the original owner (very nice). Is your car all original? Cj or Scj (J Code)? Do you drive it or do you just look at it in the garage. I understand that ford only put 815 or so in the mustang, is that about right? My j code only goes on short drives, while my 73 well that's a different story.
  20. Kit you are right own. Mike when I made contact with Scotty about 1 1/2 years ago and he told me the same thing, site was not active at all. He did research my vin number and a couple of weeks later he replied my car was not registered. Asked me to send in the info and a picture. He told me I was going to be number 334 but, I sure would like to see something that shows the vin #'s that are registered. I do not know for sure he did anything at all with my info.
  21. Hey mike if I am not mistaken, my car is number 334 on the site. Rozz
  22. A Brit? :s well ok welcome, nice looking car. Welcome.
  23. ::welcome:: from Texas, awesome looking car. I love the color.
  24. Mike, if you ever get to austin look me up. I will show you my 429 Mach. It's all original with many of the same options. Rozz
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