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  1. Still looking for some help. Some body has to know this wire. Rozz
  2. My car is restored but it is missing the part on the left in the photo. There is a metal plug screwed in the thermostat housing. Sorry, not any help from me. Thanks Mike, I am sure someone has a ford big block that will have this wire. It should be the same on any 71-72 big block car. Tim
  3. Contact Don at Ohio Mustang. I got a pair of deluxe repo door panels and they were a great fit and the color was prefect.
  4. ::welcome:: from Texas to my fello Texan. Looks like you got a very nice body to work with. PM me if you have any questions.
  5. Can anyone help with this?
  6. Yes these wheels will go on a 71 j code, so tring to keep it very original. Here is a picture of the numbers on the back.
  7. Question, I am looking to buy a set of used magnum 500's. On the back is D1oa-1007-AA. ( is this correct for a 71 mustang?). 2nd, is what I think is the date code, goes like this, m 4 1 20 ( is this January 20, 1974 ?) and what does the m stand for? Rozz
  8. Wow that's a good question. I have never seen something like that before. I am going have to follow this post.
  9. Would you part with just the third member. Not the whole housing. Rozz
  10. I have been looking for one in silver and black to match my car for long time now.
  11. Glad some one is looking for the big block owners. I have one it's a j code, it's all original with ginger interior, and yes am/fm. The only thing not original is the tires and wheels. Love it.
  12. Welcome from the heart of Texas, you have a great looking car to start with and the motor will be perfect for a 19 year girl. This might just get her into muscle cars and will be the next generating of car guys/girls. My daughter learned how to burn rubber with me on the passenger side. Now all her boy friends are looking at her. (Lol)
  13. Guys I need some help... I have a 71 429cj j code California car. I am missing the wire that connects to the electric ported vacuum switch that is mounted on the thermostat housing and controls the vacuum advance on the distributor advance. From what I have been told this electric switch was a California thing. Most I have seen were just vacuum controlled switches. I still have the wire that goes in the firewall. But, missing the other end the wire that connects to the electric ported switch. There is pictures of this wire in the 429 mega site under the ignition area. Sorry I cannot seem to post pictures for you. Please help my are is a all original survivor. Rozz
  14. Does any body have a good set of original magnum 500 wheels. They need to be for a 71 mustang made April 1971. I think the part number was D1OA-1007-A. Fill free to pm me or send a email to rozz1999@aol.com. Rozz
  15. Rozz

    new guy

    Welcome young man and thank you for saving some old rides from the crusher. But really, a Chevy man on a ford site, what's next. Just kidding at least you found us. Ask away anything the FORD guys on here would love to help.
  16. Welcome from the lone star state Texas. I just joined this site as we'll and love it. Not sure why, with all the cool people and great advise on this site. Not to mention I have a 71 and a 73 in my drive way.
  17. Welcome from Texas, I agree with old pony, 72 and 73 has servaral differences that he has stated. Just a few I would add, the grill mounting hardware, grill lights and the head light trim bezel. 73 was the first year for a lot of emission and safety features for ford.
  18. I agree this car is full of cancer. Keep looking.
  19. Ok guys, I have a 429 cj true survivor. It's missing a wire that goes to the electric vacuum ported switch that mounts on top of the thermostat housing and controls the vacuum to the vacuum advance on the distributor. I have the wire that goes into the firewall but missing the one that actually plugs in the vacuum ported switch. There is pictures of this wire on the 429 megasite under the ignition tab. The best I can tell its a California emissions thing. Any help with this would be great. The original wire was in the toolbox when someone needed the tool box more than me. Tim
  20. Would yo be interested in selling your 3:25 rear end chunk separately. Does any body have the original magnum 500 wheels for a 1971 mustang? Rozz
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