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  1. Just did the Dakota switch 3 wks ago. I went with the analog style over the digital; I ended up swapping out my center with the tri guages to a non and it looks no worse. If Dakota would have had a drop in tri set, then I would have kept the old center. Love the guages.
  2. Not looking for more than just a reason for why the notch.
  3. Not to my knowledge, but I have no idea who rebuilt the engine last.
  4. Hello Ford Folks---Does anybody know why you would make this modification to a rod and bearing? It's just a notch through all 8.From what I've read the 351-C is know for low oil flow to certain journals at high rpm, and this mod looks like it would make it worse. All Help welcome.
  5. I just got my Mach 1 back from the glass shop; who ever did the glass did it badly and the front and rear glass had leaks. Now my problem is, according to the glass shop the back glass's trim is aftermarket junk; and it crushes just trying to get it on the clips. Does anyone know either how to get the flimsy trim on without destroying it...or know anywhere to get good quality trim pieces. All help is welcomed.
  6. Thanks for the picture. Was unaware that I was going to have to drill holes for the screws. Time for a cruise in the sun.
  7. I have a 72 mach 1 with the naca hood. I'm not sure where the windshield washer nozzles mount. Can anyone post a clear pic of the the mounting locations or a good diagram. I'll even take a rough sketch with "Right there stupid." written on it.
  8. Recently purchased a very clean 72 Mach 1 and need to tame it's drinking problem a little; looking to make a cruiser with go power. It's coming with a C6 with a 4.11 in the rear end; and I'm looking to change them to a 4R70W trans with 3.50 gears. The engine is a 315C 4V and according to the rebulider pushing 380 horses. Sound off folks.....good choice or bad.
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