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  1. Welcome from La Habra, CA. I too have gotten a bunch of info from this site. I'm just getting started on a 72 Mach to restore. Good luck with your project.
  2. Today I took the car out to AAA to complete the title transfer. This is the first time I drove it more than turning around in my driveway. The Trans won't shift into 3rd but I was really impressed with the power out of this very tired engine. Since I bought a 351C 4V with a C6 Trans to put in with only 20K on a stock rebuild, I’m not worried about the shifting problem. I’ll be keeping the 2V engine and FMX Trans just so I can have all of the factory original components, but over time, I can do whatever the heck I want with the new engine and not worry about disrespecting the heritage of this r
  3. Thanks guys, I'll take a better look at it when I get the engine and trans home then I'll be able to see the stampings and will take some pics
  4. I just found and bought a 1970 351C 4V engine with a C6 trans 3000 stall converter. I didn't have a camera with me and the engine was back in a corner where I couldn't get to see the numbers or dimples on the heads. He said they’re open chamber heads and the rebuild was done stock with a 30 over bore. It has factory type exhaust manifolds and less then 20K on the rebuild. I don't really understand how the bounce back stuff works on the 4V heads and my question is.... If these are open chamber heads, is it better to stay with factory exhaust headers or go with aftermarket headers? I had alway
  5. I believe this is due to the addition of the functioning front bumper. I was told the 73 motor actually set about an inch higher than the 71-72's.
  6. ::welcome:: The first car I ever bought new was a 73 Mach 4V. Gold exterior with ginger interior. Picked up many chicks with that car. I'm now working on a 72 rebuild project car. You've come to a good place to get advise and help with your project. I'm ex-army (Viet Nam time) and I want to also thank you for dedication and support for our country. This is in addition to your choice to hook up with the very best pony car ever built. Just my opinion.
  7. Very Very cool!!!! What color are you going to paint it?;)
  8. Thanks for the coments and advice I do like the Wilwood brand and their calipers look so very cool but I noticed the MPB systen will work with my stock rims. I'll check out both.
  9. OK here we go. I'm starting the rebuild of a 72 Mach 1. It now has a 351C-2v with an FMX trans and just today I found a rebuilt 1970 351C-4v with a C6. The engine has less than 20k on a stock rebuild. I bought them today and have now abandoned my idea to rebuild my 2v with a stroker kit and simply use the stock new one. I will upgrade the intake to an Edelbrock performer and I'm not sure what CFM carb I should add. I didn't have my camera with me or would have included pics of the new engine. I've already purchased a few interior items from Don at OMS and a few exterior items (front spoiler,
  10. Welcome from La Habra, CA.::welcome:: Your english is fine and your car is great. I too am rather new to this forum and have already gained a bunch of info just by crusing around the posts. I'm sorry to hear of your dad's passing but wish you luck with your project. You have a great start already. Ask questions, you'll get answers from others that really care about these 71 - 73 ponies.
  11. I take it the H codes didn't come with duel exhaust. I didn't know. I had thought mine was completely stock. Please PM or EM me that laundry list. This is my first total restore project & I really don't want to use trial and error.
  12. Ok.... I admit, back in 1973 I did remove the block-off plates from the hood with the idea that I would give more fresh air to the carb:huh:. I did keep the air cleaner fresh and the engine could have been eaten off of. I couldn't afford a real ram air setup. I didn't think of the hood decal though. Great idea:D.
  13. When I went to Rob, my regular mechanic in La Habra to show him my new 72 Mustang and ask about a local engine builder he recommended Taylor Engine Rebuilding. Rob is a long time motor head and told me that back in the day, if you had a Taylor built engine you had the best in the area. They’re located in Brea, CA (Orange County right next to LA County) and told me Chris was a long time engine builder (562) 698-7231 the card he gave me shows www.taylorenginerebuilding.com as their web address but it only shows an Under Construction page with contact information. Now keep in mind, my mechanic dr
  14. Where am I at with it? It’s sitting in my drive way untouched. I don’t intend on driving it again until the rebuilding and restoring is done. I’ve purchased a few interior and exterior parts from Don @ OMS and still waiting for more. I do intend on pulling the engine and trans and completely cleaning up the engine bay as well as repaint and complete new interior. My son is 35 now and I’m 64 so if I live to be 90 he better be mature enough to handle the HP responsibly in an older car when finally gets it. I fully understand the MPH = $PH principle in the 80’s I had raced water ¼ mile with a bui
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