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    1973 mach1 351 cobrajet power steering brakes a/c tilt fold down seat rear window defogger full gage package medium blue with argent stipes


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    gainesville ga

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  1. Come onnnnnnnnnnn gas mileage. Im sure he dont care about any stinking gas mileage just kidding lollerz
  2. hey is anyone running the howards cam roller lifers if so please shoot me a pm on how you like them troubles etc thanks mongoscj
  3. you get them there are always parts that somebody needs while you are there scarf up that 1970 ranchero tell him you thought it was a mustang lol later mongos cj:D
  4. hello new guy and may the horse be with you mongosCJ from georgia:bravo:
  5. what is the site information so i can see what they got thanks mongosCJ
  6. welcome from Georgia nice car mongosCJ:D
  7. welcome from gainesville ga mongos CJ::thumb::
  8. camero whos need a stinking camero when you have a war horse like that here canary canary lol later mongosCJ ::thumb::
  9. in my opinion the hood tach would not look right on a 71-73 but that's my opinion regards mongos CJ
  10. how hard is it to paint the abs silver thanks mongos CJ::thumb::
  11. welcome from Georgia mongosCJ::thumb::
  12. makes me want to join the chase probably the little old lady driving it lollerz mongoscj
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