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    Boss 351 restored to original with only slight mods: painted Alloy Silver, added rear disc brakes, Pertronix ignition, lowered 1" front, 3/4" back, and American Racing Halibrand-style 17" wheels with knockoffs.


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    Aiken, SC

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  1. by who? I work in Lexington. Robert Braun, Southern Muscle and Rods... Excellent job.
  2. Nice looking ride, brother... I'm in Aiken. Had mine restored in Lexington.
  3. Thanks guys. I am enjoying every ride in it. She's a great car!
  4. Thanks, guys. It was a long wait but thank God it is finished and gorgeous. I have a 71 J-code Mach 1 that I'm about to send to the resto shop. Will be so happy to have them both together.
  5. Brand New to the site... Glad to be here.
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