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  1. Just as with the '71 Boss, the '72 HO was only available with a 4 speed and 3.91 axle ratio. The available engine/trans/axle ratio chart is from the 1972 Dealer order guide.
  2. As 7173Vert posted, you should perform due diligence before buying one of these premium-priced collector cars. No matter if a Ford, GM, or Mopar fan, everyone knows someone who has been smoked over a bad deal. Scam deals where the car never existed or a car advertised as a one of a kind Boss 429 that started life as a 6cyl car. The snake-oil selling, white shoe wearing con artists are out in full force. They know that the generation that grew up with these cars in the '70s now have the income to purchase these dream cars and will make emotional purchases. Wise people such as yourself will join
  3. The deluxe seat belt option (standard on the verts) included the seat belt warning lamp on the left lower side of the dash board. To avoid redundancy, the left side lamp was eliminated when the federally mandated light/buzzer went into production on the Mustang line 12/1/71. The other lamp you referenced is a park brake warning lamp which was part of the convenience group option. It included trunk, glove compartment, map, under hood lamps, head light on warning buzzer, automatic seat back release, under instrument panel courtesy lamps (standard on vert), park brake warning lamp, and glove box
  4. Just some clarity needed in their description. The 5th button is for locking out all window switches to be non-functional until the driver turns them back on. There was not a production installed power door lock option for the 71-73 Mustang or Cougar. The first year such an option became available on the Mustang was 1979. Depending on the vendor you choose, the door certification labels can be made to indicate whatever you want them to show. The label shown in the Hemmings add is incorrect for an early 71 Mustang. The word "Manufactured" should be spelled out at the top of the label, not
  5. You have made a discovery a lot of folks have found when pulling the tank on these 40+-year-old cars. The black material is what's left of open-cell foam. That foam material was used to permit fuel vapors to pass through the vapor separator valve to the charcoal canister. It also keeps liquid fuel from entering the orifice and possibly stopping the line up which would allow the fuel system to not vent properly. As you can see the orifice is very small and could easily get stopped up with the smallest amount of debris. I have used stainless steel pot scrubbers such as Scotch-Brite, Chore Boy,
  6. Just like in the movie "Used Cars" with Kurt Russell, the white shoe wearing, fast talkin' salesmen have always been around. Now with the internet at the world's disposal, cars with "Borrowed Pictures" and only original once cars with a yard-long list of changes, vetting of these gems are more important than ever! With the rocker panel moldings, lower accent body-color molding, plus the Hockey stick stripes and additional 429 emblems, things were starting to get a little busy on this one. The 429 designation only appears five times!! The fender emblems appear to be from Shelbys accessory "D
  7. The no black paint on the taillight frames, and those particular Mach 1 deck lid and side stripes were unique '73 pieces. The 3/4 vinyl roof was a 71-73 sports roof option and was available on the Mach 1 also. The always present Magnums and rear valence with exhaust cut-outs were not available as production installed items in '73 but still look good on this one. 1973 was also the only year rear bumper guards were available on the Mach 1. Glad to see this one was out for a little cruising.
  8. Hello jscott, Another area where you get various answers for the same question dependent on the store you are in. At one time Ford did have a premium P/S fluid that was sold alongside the transmission fluid. Before it was eventually discontinued it was packaged in a 12oz long neck bottle which made it easy to pour into a P/S pump and vert top reservoirs. To find the Ford fluid use Motorcraft Part# XT-1-QF. I know of several local parts stores that sell Motorcraft and usually have a few bottles of it. As Geoff po
  9. jscott, I've heard a couple of reasons for the long hose. The prevailing version is the extra length was used to allow additional fluid in the system for cooling, the second being that the length was used for pulse dampening. My '71 M code Mach1 has AC with a radiator style PS cooler mounted to the compressor and was equipped with the long pressure hose. The pressure hose also had a foam wrap on it which I'm sure helped little with any cooling. The pulse dampening story.....I never felt any difference with any 72-73 vs my '71! I have also seen cars equipped identically to mine without the AC c
  10. Hello David, There was not a body-color wheel offered through the parts system. The wheels were available in black only and had to be painted at the body shop or by the customer. The corporate hub cap/dog dish only configuration was available across the entire product line except for the T-Bird. An attempt to stock color-keyed wheels considering the hundreds of colors available would have been a logistical nightmare. The steel wheels were shipped with a parts tag wired to them and not boxed like the aluminum or chrome styled steel wheels so undamaged painted wheels would have been rare.
  11. Djustham, the oil pressure sender for ALL 335 series engines (351C, '75/351M, and 400) were in the block behind the intake manifold. The only difference was the sender used for a gauge or idiot lights.
  12. Hello Djustham, First I'll say what a great looking Mach1 you have. It would be a check in the plus column if you did have a Boss engine. Depending on how long ago the original engine was replaced , it could certainly be possible. Before these engines elevated to cult status, it was much easier to find Boss engines and parts in a salvage yard. I remember in early '81 I was approached by a person looking for some Boss 351 rods, pistons, and damper. He had been looking for an engine for a project and this one fell into his lap from a salvage yard.There had been zero interest in this e
  13. Hello mjlan, The knobs on the rear defrost and power top switches are identical in appearance. The rear defrost switch is not being reproduced and the majority of the OE switches seem to have a broken/missing knob. As expected, undamaged OE switches normally bring premium prices. If anyone has a deal to fall through on one you can always refer to the link in my above post. The video was posted by jb73mach and is the 6th post down. The picture is an original DIZZ-18578-B rear defrost switch.
  14. Ford snuck that change in on a bunch of us. The D1ZZ-9725-A pedal was used through 6/18/72. From 6/19/72 the D3ZZ-9725-A pedal was used. The difference was how the cable attached to the gas pedal. The 71 and 72 (before 6/19/72) used an eyelet with a pin and a clip. 72's from 6/19/72 and 73's used a plastic snap in bushing that was part of the accelerator cable.
  15. 1sostatic, This goes to show what a dedicated and true friend you are. Not everyone would be so helpful as to help a friend find a missing knob! I do not have this problem on my '71s since there is no defrost or vert switch in that location. As Eric just testified that is is also a bad location for the 79-86 Fox Mustangs. I have long legs so more than once my knee hit the headlight switch in my '85 GT and broke the plastic retaining nut. I finally ordered extra retaining nuts since it seemed I could not be retrained and it continued to be a recurring problem. To my knowledge th

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