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  1. I've lost several cars to driver abuse. Most of my cars I drove like stolen dump trucks! One car I actually sold to someone and not as a settlement from an insurance company was a 1972 Gran Torino Sport. Gold Glow (6F), laser stripes, magnums, high back bucket seats, and it was a 429 car! The original "N" code 429 was a little tame for me. So I found a Cobra Jet 429 and a set of 72 Police Interceptor heads and a one year only non egr spread bore intake. Talk about a torque making monster! But a year and several tickets later I decided I had better make some changes before my insurance dropped me and the state started charging me for the cost of their ticket books from the printer. So I sold her to a good home...but I still miss that car and the sound of that spread bore at full throttle trying to suck the hood inside out!
  2. Ahhh..the "experts"!! I've driven and owned many Fords in my life time. A lot of them Mustangs. I worked at a Ford dealership for 38 years. Have been a member of the Mustang Club of Amercia since 1975. All that still doesn't make me an "Expert" In fact I've learned a lot about our 71-73,s since joining this site. I have two "M" code 71 Mach 1's. I've been told the "rubber" bumpers were wrong, they are supposed to be chrome. I was also told my engines were wrong! All 71 Mach 1's were big blocks! (I wish). Was also told that my 351's should be 351 windsors. I could have an engineer from Ford standing beside me verifying my cars and they would still argue you down! So Kit is right, some are just blow hards and some are just full of S**T!! I needed a good laugh today and this post did it for me!!
  3. Hello from northern Mississippi! That is a good looking Mach 1. That color blue along with the white interior is really sharp!
  4. What they are looking for is a black plastic strip that ran across the front of the padded dash (windshield side) that was used as a trim piece between the metal and the pad. My 71 (Built 9/70) had one but 40 + years plus plenty of southern heat has disintegrated it into a powder. Have not seen this piece offered anywhere. My Pewter 71 (built 8/71) did not have this part on it and looked ok without it. The short Plastic piece does go above the glove box lid and acts as a filler below the padded dash.
  5. Welcome from Mississippi. Red and a Boss!! Can't wait to see pictures.
  6. Congratulations 460 BBF! ...And once again the perfect color-"Write me a ticket red"
  7. Correct. In America the Cleveland was only produced 1970-1973. Australia ran the engine a lot longer, I don't know the exact year it stopped but I thought it was some time early 80's? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk The Cleveland was actually built through 1974. Thanks to it being installed the the Gran Torino, you got one more chance to get a "Q" code 351 before it disappeared for ever. Thanks to our friends in Australia Ford was able to source the 351 Cleveland for a couple of more years for the Pantera before that vechicle was dropped. The 351m/400 started in 1975 and remained through the early 80's but by then was mostly used in Ford's truck lines.
  8. Yup...I know a few just like that around here...one lady "im going to swing by and take a picture of this mach 1" Just to make everyone go..that would be nice to fix up!! ever sence i was 6 years old..my dad pointed out this 1969 mach 1 with the cobrajet scoop sitting next to this house with garbage piled up on top of the hood...still in great shape...my dad says that car has not really moved sence he was in vietnam..In my 30's i finaly went up and knocked on the door to ask about the car...Some old lady come out..told me she would not take anything for the car...i said im sorry..was this car importaint to some one you knew? She said nope..it was my sons car..he still alive and a big time banker and does not need it anymore..i took it away from him when he was a kiddy...she told me she was offered 50,000 for it...i said.wow..well i would of took that...have a great day miss...lol "it was not that nice" From what i hear, she has told atleast 10 diffrent stories on that car..She seems to think its worth millions...it's worth alot "im not sure if its a 351 or a big block car" but its worth a good penny..But not what she thinks..My dad said yup..That is the reason i never asked..A car sitting where everyone can see it like that...will never be for sale..lol..Not untill the person holding on to it passes on..then there is a line of people waiting to grab at it..So dont waste your time..hehe Hyena429 hit the nail on the head...A car sitting where everyone can see it like that...will never be for sale..Twice a year I would ride with a friend from Sumter SC to Charlotte NC for a car show. Our trip would take us through Camden SC where in plain view from a very heavily traveled road sat a 68 RT Charger 440! It was under a car port, so no rust, or missing parts. Just a lot of dust. My offered to trade a 70 Super Bee 383 and what ever $$ the owner wanted. No sale. In fact he seemed annoyed that everyone "Keeps on asking about this car"! But it still sits in the same place attracting the same attention "these" type of cars attract. So I guess when he passes on, if there is any thing left of this car,it will be junked or given to some one in his family who could care less about it.
  9. Write me a ticket Red!!!! Color looks great on that bad boy!! Very sharp car.
  10. 71 Mach 1 M code c6 "V" Pewter 71 Mach 1 M code c6 "3" Bright Red
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