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  1. Hello Fabrice, Yes, I'm still alive and way behind on your project, but I WILL let you know more, hopefully, tonight. (And I know you've heard that before...but I am working on it)!!! As I replied in a post to 7173Vert, there a few things on this vert that are not OE. None that couldn't be changed if that is your desire. The front spoiler was standard and only available on the '71 Boss 351 and was never a standalone option on any other 71-73 Mustang. Once again a very popular dealer over the counter item, I sold plenty of them! The distortion could be from some not property aligned drill holes (ask me how I know that) to some unforgiving curbs. The black taillight panel (applique in Ford language) is a camera case finish panel that was standard on all '71 Mustangs except the Mach1(Honey comb panel) and the Boss, which had the body color painted taillight panel. Early production Sportroof (02) models had a "Mustang" tape stripe on the deck lid and a body-color taillight panel. Around Feb '71 Ford deleted those and added the applique panel, moldings, and the chrome block Mustang letters. The twist style fuel cap was standard on all models, with the pop open cap only available on the Mach1. There are a few other things such as ram-air on a C code, dual exhaust cut out rear valence panel, and the Mach1 grill. None of which hurts my feelings and looks great on this one. And it is nice to see a ram air cleaner not plastered with so many decals it looks like a billboard!
  2. 7173Vert, now I remember why I like the "Gotta Have It Green" so much on the late model Mustangs. To say this color pops is an understatement. There are a few things on this model that it didn't leave Dearborn with. If used for an occasional driver (or daily if you feel adventurous) I would leave as is and let that big block continue pushing my eyeballs through the back of my head. If headed for the show car circuit or concourse level, then the few changes on this one would be easy to revert back to original. Will be interesting to see where the price goes on this one.
  3. Hello Geoff, Yeah, I thought it was funny too. Considering the world we live in now, where each day brings a new disaster or calamity, a few laughs don't hurt. I remember women's underwear commercials on TV in the late '60s early '70s where they had to wear them over their clothes. Now nothing is left to the imagination. Ford was and still is pretty strict on advertising guidelines. (Especially during today's politically correct climate) Ford had a dealer guide book we had to use that even specified how we could and couldn't use the Ford oval in our advertising. After all, you were representing the "Mother ship"!
  4. Geoff, as suggestive as some advertising can be, something as blatant as this would never have made it through the "Suits" at Ford. This one would have had as much chance of being approved in 1968 as it would have today. Zero! While in my teens and twenties' I did have a couple of A$$ H**e Bosses I could have nominated for this program!! Below is the actual '68 Ranchero advertisement.
  5. @ 72MustangSprint, 6F is Gold Glow. Two of the Gran Torino Sports I owned were Gold Glow, and I always received compliments on the color. Agree with Don C the roof rack, snow tires, and trailer hitch are pretty good clues this wasn't always at the beach in Sunny California. The large number of walnut shells in the floorboard also indicate there is probably a king-size hole in the cowl the critters have used to set up housekeeping for some time. Unfortunately, some of these "Critters" have some voracious appetites and can do a lot of damage. I had the interior of one of my parts cars destroyed when some mice and squirrels moved into their new home. But @ $1,500.00, that is still a great price for a vehicle that does look complete. If the bottom is not ready to fall out from underneath it, then it probably would be a good candidate to put back on the road.
  6. There is a left and right side on the production installed and service chrome exhaust tips. They are made so the screw side of the clamp is on the opposite side away from the fuel tank. The clamp was spot welded to the tip to keep it from rotating and there is an alignment slot to keep the tip located properly. OE and service tips were all stamped with Ford engineering numbers. The right side tip is D1ZZ-5255-A and engineering numbers are D1ZA-5202-AA, BA, BB. Left side is D1ZZ-5255-B and engineering numbers are D1ZA-5203-AA, AB, and D1ZA-5263-AA. jscott is correct about needing to add another zero if these were NOS Ford parts. The last set I saw on E-Bay sold for $895.00! I can remember in the '80s when new Ford tips were $36.00 each! Supply and demand....a song we have all heard before.
  7. Geoff........What!? You mean we're not supposed to be wearing those now!!
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