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  1. Hello Heardatbeat, Missed this when originally posted, so Animal Lawyer may have already found what he was looking for. The nipple he is looking for is a straight black plastic piece that the corrugated tube from the charcoal canister attaches to. The early replacement of this one was a 45 degree fitting with the later version in grey.
  2. Hello basstrix, To my knowledge, no one is reproducing the tail light wire harness at this time. Hopefully, one day the repo parts vendors will realize Ford did build Mustangs after 1970. Meanwhile, we wait. The tail light harness was not body style specific. As far as a service part, Ford considered them slow movers and was discontinued by 1979. Midlife is the only one I would trust with my wire harness. Midlife is a site member, supporter, vendor and knows these cars well as anyone! As Don C suggested, I would contact him and see what solution may be available. And...72MustangSprint does have a parts car!!
  3. Hello baz70 The reinforcement was part of the fender apron. Ford never released a service part or number for this piece on the 71-73 Mustang. Starting in the early 80's when you ordered the service part front fender apron it did not have the reinforcement as it should have. It May of been a tooling/die issue at Ford stamping and they felt the demand for the part didn't warrant the $$$ to resolve the issue. I have a NOS apron and the reinforcement is not on it. Finding good used ones to harvest from Cougars and Mustangs was possible at one time, but most of the remaining parts car fender aprons are rusted and have acid damage.The 71-73 Mustang and 70-71 Torino share the same front end architecture. They use the same radiator support, but the fender aprons are slightly different although in illustrations they look the same. PostalDan is the E-Bay vendor David, I, and others here have bought the reinforcement from. I haven't seen any activity on his E-Bay store for a while. The E-Bay fees may have gotten the better of him and he is only selling through the Torino registry. I know in the past he would make a run of different Torino parts and then Mustang. So sometimes we would have to wait till our turn came up! When he did offer these on E-Bay they were listed separately for the Torino and Mustang. As you posted, I would contact him to confirm availability and if they can be interchanged or if he has massaged the reinforcement to fit both cars. The two photos are the Mustang reinforcement I received from him and it does look the same as the Torino registry part unless that is just one of his stock pictures. Good luck and please keep us posted.
  4. Seller should have stated "No Low Ball Offers, I know What I Have"! For ones who really like a challenge, this one would separate the boys from the men! With all the fastback unique sheet metal gone from this poor soul, this is basically a VIN plate for sale. (Well, there is the fastback unique door glass still there)! With no Ford invoices available for the 65-66 Mustangs, (No Marti reports) it was easy for these cars to morphine into K code GT's overnight. Sorta like all the Z28 and SS cars on the road now VS what GM actually built. It's all the $$$ @(Fabrice, I will PM you later today to let you know how I am doing on your 429 project!)
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