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  1. AMC had built some great performance vehicles, but their offerings were always overshadowed by the performance vehicles the Big Three was building and putting on the street. As Spike posted, they just arrived a little too late to be considered a threat to the Torinos, Mustangs, Chevelles, Camaros, Cudas, Roadrunners, Chargers, etc that were ruling the streets. Everyone I knew had a hard time believing that a company that built the Ramblers your Grandfather drove could be the same company that builds such cars as the AMX/Javelins, SC/Rambler, The Machine, etc. If you are old enough to remember the Javelin or are an Alabama resident from the '70s, this was another 1st for AMC and Alabama. The '71-72 401 Javelin State Trooper Car! I rode in one of those cars in '72. When I was en-route from Ga to Biloxi, Mississippi, our Military truck broke down on I-65 in Alabama. The Trooper stopped to see if he could assist us. (It's 1972...No cell phones) The Trooper ended up taking me to a diesel repair shop for help. I sure enjoyed riding in a police car uncuffed!
  2. Hello Geoff, now your catching on. I was raised in an all-Ford family and am a dictionary example of a Ford fanatic. So with that and my dealer experience, I'm used to the disconnect between decisions made at the "Glass House" (Ford World Headquarters) and us commoners! As confusing as dealing with one car line as we do here, just imagine the poor sales staff dealing with all the car and truck lines and the endless possibilities when trying to order that perfect vehicle. The confusion and nonsense was an equal opportunity employer. Back in the '80s, a Chevy friend wanted to order a new family vehicle. He wanted cruise control, but had to order rocker panel moldings in conjunction with the cruise!?? That meant drilling holes in the rocker panel for the fasteners that held the molding. Perfect for a northern car that would experience salt spray in the rocker area. I believe the car was a Citation which would rust and break in half just sitting in the driveway. I agree with Carolina_Mountain_Mustang that the Mach 1 should have had more performance-oriented equipment standard instead of just stripes. Geoff's wish list would be a good start. (M code, 4sp or AT with a 3.50 gear)
  3. I don't quite have that much loose change at this time, but I sure would like to take a tour there and start checking some numbers!!
  4. Hello goodnigh, Back in "Those" days the option book was your (and Fords) friend. In '71 the Boss 351 and 429's with the Drag Pack option were the only models that had Traction -Lok standard. The differential ratios were based on how the vehicle was equipped. The biggest limiting factor was AC equipped models, which were limited to 3.25. Although Ford info shows 3.25 as the maximum gear with AC equipped '71 "Q" 351CJ's, some owners have reported having the "S" 3.50 Traction-Lok gear on their AC equipped '71 Q's. The Traction-lok option was $48.00 (308.42 today) and the optional ratio gear was $13.00 (83.53 today) so still a bargain regardless of year! @ Geoff, back in the late '70s I had a '71 M 4sp Mach1 (no AC) that was equipped with a Traction-lok 3.50. That car was an absolute blast to drive and kept my tire budget shredded. There were some good performance combinations available, you just had to be knowledgeable on how to negotiate Ford's confusing corn maize of ordering perimeters and a helpful sales person.
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