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  1. I have Hedman Shorties on the Windsor in my car, but I had to do some redesign work near the collector to get my clutch linkage in.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions and knowledge on this topic. I'm hoping to make my '71 into a vehicle I drive regularly. I'm often on the road before the sun or after it gas gone down so good lights are important to me and I think this is one piece of the puzzle. Being somewhere between cheap and poor and also deriving satisfaction from doing things myself I'm watching the jinkyard sourced conversions with interest.
  3. I bought my 1971 coupe almost 13 years ago when I was sixteen because it was the only musclecar I could afford. I've since found out that meant lots of work and expense, but along the way I have grown really fond of the car.
  4. In my 1992 F-150 there is a switch built into the light socket. I think that is what they are refering to. The light on my pickup always has 12V all the time as well, but the switch in the socket is supposed to use gravity to recognize when the hood is open. It works fine but sometimes the light will flicker under the hood on rough roads.
  5. I'm with those that say to build it the way you want it. I find it a little annoying when people think my car is a Mach 1, but I personally prefer the coupe's lines. If you don't care and like the Mach 1 badges use them (it won't be any stranger than a Dodge Superbee pickup). Tim
  6. Welcome to the site! Good luck looking for that dream ride! Sure hope it turns out as cool as the one you desribed. Tim (it's my name too)
  7. Sorry to hear about your dog. It's amazing how important they can be. Hang in there! Tim
  8. Welome! Your progress is awesome. That will be one sweet ride when you're done. Tim
  9. thendricks


    Welcome from eastern Nebraska!
  10. Hi! Welome to the site. Don't worry about what it does look like. Mine is flat black with blue stripes on the hood painted with rattle cans and one quarter that's mostly attatched, but it won't be that way forever, and it sounds like you're already making progress. Tim
  11. Welcome! That certainly is a nice ar you've ggot and it sounds like you have equally good plans. I value the guys who restore and preserve, but I'm all for adapting modern technology where feasible.
  12. I finally got mine driveable in January, and now I try to drive it very frequently. I intend to drive it to school sometimes (I teach high school), but I'm starting at a new school this year so that kind of depends on what the kids are like.
  13. I understand too. I've owned my car for 11 years, but I've only gotten to drive it since January. Mostly due to college and bills. I drove several other psuedo projects during that time and every one taught me things. There have been times I wanted to sell it, but my wife encouraged me to hang on. Even though it's not done she was definitely right. Also, now that I can drive it, it is much more fun!
  14. Olie, Congratulations on your car. It looks awesome, and I'm sure it drives just as nicely. Let me offer my prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Can't have you waiting any longer than necessary to get back to your project. God Speed. Tim
  15. Doc, thanks for the welcome. That did kind of sound like I'm still in school didn't it. I am actually just over half way through my first year teaching agriculture in high school. I am also working on a endorsement in ITE. Ag is a lot of work but fun too. I teach everything from flowers to welding. It's a small school, less than 60 kids 9 - 12, but I have more than 75 seats filled everyday. I also teach a speech class, and coach the speech team. Add a dog and wife to that, and I don't have much time for my car.
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