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  1. Hi everyone, On holiday here in the UK, I though I would send a pick of my rental...it's a Renault Captive with an impressive 89bhp, 162lb ft, 1.5 lithe, getting about 80mpg, Diesel is running 1.19 per liter so I am glad I got a diesel. Thanks George
  2. Thanks for the fast replies and I have to say that this site is without a doubt the most informative with all aspects of 71-73 stands. I could have never been where I am on my restoration without this site. I certainly learn something new everyday that I browse the postings from present to past posts. Thanks George
  3. Hi, I have a 71 fastback with a Rug AV1 toploader and for the past year I have been working on anything and everything but the trans. It's just about ready for paint and Today I decided to change the gear oil and at first only about a quart or so came out and I don't know the history of the vehicle so once I put the new oil in and it seemed to take a little over 2 quarts. Started the car and shifted through the gears and seemed good. So took it on its first road test in many years. I drove it a few blocks and coming back to my drive way I noticed a 1/4" line going up the driveway about
  4. Hi everyone, 71' here I was doing some body work and came across holes in the bottom of the quarters and bottom of the front fenders towards the rear. Looks like 5 or 6 mm holes about 5 inches from the bottom of the panels.? Is this for lower trim moldings? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks George
  5. Thanks guys....I know what I need to do...
  6. Hi guys I need some help identifying which goes Where? For my '71 , Per the pic below... From what I can assume is that "A" bolts near the doors, "B" are for the back seat, "C" mounts on each side of the center console. And "D" is ? I think it's a shoulder strap, and I assume there should be 2? Thanks in advance George
  7. I'm just north of Philly and if your looking for some help with these let me know George ::thumb::
  8. Hi guys, Does anyone know where to get a pair of seat hinge bolts for a 71 highback Seat? Can't seem to find them anywhere.
  9. Thanks guys, I did find a tag covered in undercoating of some sort and it's exactly as you've said. 70/71 top loader 28 spline wide ratio....
  10. Hi guys, Looking to identify my transmission. See pics. Transmissions are my weak point. Any help is appreciated. There is no tag. Just a stamp near the drive shaft end. Looks like 7A0AO? Need to change the gear oil as well. What brand/ type is recommended? Thanks in advance George
  11. Good Afternoon, I have a question regarding the orientation of the front crank seal. The engine is a 351 Cleveland 2V. Does it install from the backside of the timing chain cover? and can this be installed without a press? Thanks in advance George
  12. Can someone advise? I have a '71 351 Cleveland 2V and noticed 2 different gaskets for the water pump. One for the pump itself and one for a backing plate for the pump. When I removed the pump it did not have a plate installed? Does this plate only come with new pumps ? Can this plate be purchased separately? thanks George
  13. Can Anyone Help ? I have a 351 C 2V engine and just removed the harmonic balancer. the code is 6316-A2 & EDoAE The Replacement One I have is Coded D4AE 6316 D2A. Will the replacement work ? They are the exact weight. The only difference on the original is that the outer edge is beveled slightly approx. half way across where the timing marks are. Hope I explained correctly any help would be appreciated thanks
  14. Thanks for the info...I will be doing the tests suggested. The engine runs great...no smoke of any sort that I have noticed...just some moisture drip from the exhaust.
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