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  1. 71 Mach 1 tail light harness connectors black and white located near both turn signal lamp wiring? Thanks
  2. Hello all! Can anyone identify this harness?
  3. Hi everyone, On holiday here in the UK, I though I would send a pick of my rental...it's a Renault Captive with an impressive 89bhp, 162lb ft, 1.5 lithe, getting about 80mpg, Diesel is running 1.19 per liter so I am glad I got a diesel. Thanks George
  4. Thanks for the fast replies and I have to say that this site is without a doubt the most informative with all aspects of 71-73 stands. I could have never been where I am on my restoration without this site. I certainly learn something new everyday that I browse the postings from present to past posts. Thanks George
  5. Hi, I have a 71 fastback with a Rug AV1 toploader and for the past year I have been working on anything and everything but the trans. It's just about ready for paint and Today I decided to change the gear oil and at first only about a quart or so came out and I don't know the history of the vehicle so once I put the new oil in and it seemed to take a little over 2 quarts. Started the car and shifted through the gears and seemed good. So took it on its first road test in many years. I drove it a few blocks and coming back to my drive way I noticed a 1/4" line going up the driveway about 200 feet. Also noticed once I got out of the drive way the line was a 1/2" wide, I assume the seals are bad on each end of the splines.? Now for my question - as I never removed a manual transmission. My first step is to remove the driveshaft at the rear. Then support the trans and remove the support bracket and then? Do I have to mess the Bellhousing ? Clutch Fork? Any help would be appreciated... Thanks George
  6. Hi everyone, 71' here I was doing some body work and came across holes in the bottom of the quarters and bottom of the front fenders towards the rear. Looks like 5 or 6 mm holes about 5 inches from the bottom of the panels.? Is this for lower trim moldings? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks George
  7. Thanks guys....I know what I need to do...
  8. Hi guys I need some help identifying which goes Where? For my '71 , Per the pic below... From what I can assume is that "A" bolts near the doors, "B" are for the back seat, "C" mounts on each side of the center console. And "D" is ? I think it's a shoulder strap, and I assume there should be 2? Thanks in advance George
  9. I'm just north of Philly and if your looking for some help with these let me know George ::thumb::
  10. Hi guys, Does anyone know where to get a pair of seat hinge bolts for a 71 highback Seat? Can't seem to find them anywhere.
  11. Thanks guys, I did find a tag covered in undercoating of some sort and it's exactly as you've said. 70/71 top loader 28 spline wide ratio....
  12. Hi guys, Looking to identify my transmission. See pics. Transmissions are my weak point. Any help is appreciated. There is no tag. Just a stamp near the drive shaft end. Looks like 7A0AO? Need to change the gear oil as well. What brand/ type is recommended? Thanks in advance George
  13. Good Afternoon, I have a question regarding the orientation of the front crank seal. The engine is a 351 Cleveland 2V. Does it install from the backside of the timing chain cover? and can this be installed without a press? Thanks in advance George
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