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  1. Its getting the 460 either way, just trying to figure out if I should keep the Durango as a daily driver or not. MPG isn't the deal breaker, just would be nice to drive it to work everyday.
  2. What's a 32 pickup weigh? Gotta be more than a 72 mustang.
  3. Anyone with a stock 460? I know they didn't come stock, I mean just a basic build 460. What's your fuel milage? I'm hoping to hear numbers in the 16s but not holding my breath.
  4. How much for a 72 passenger side fender shipped to 93277?
  5. Just wanted to know what you have stuffed in your third member. I'm still on the stock open with 2.75 or so (don't know the exact ratio) Are you open, trac lock, spool, caged tiger, etc.
  6. keith2172


    Hi all, New to the site, excited to see a forum dedicated to the big body. I spent some time with the 4X4s and imports but now I'm back to my first car, a '72 Grande. Its good to be back :) I'm working on dropping a 460 truck block into her as well as a munched rear quarter and front quarter that need fixing. Love the car, had her for 13 years and I'll never let her go (obviously I don't have kids yet :P) Thanks for the site and I look forward to learning from you all!
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