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  1. My son trying out his new camera
  2. Thank you. The wheels are 18"
  3. West Columbia. Love that part of NC that you're in.
  4. They are stock style reproductions. I just dimple dyed them.
  5. Here's a couple more
  6. I took both of my sons to Charlotte along with a couple of their friends and they had a blast. My oldest took all the pictures and posted them on youtube. They where all loaded in order so of course my Mach1 is at the beginning. Hot Rod Power Tour Day #1 Charlotte NC 2014: http://youtu.be/rEupyXBxaeY
  7. I ordered mine from CJ Pony Parts. They are having a sale that ends today offering 30% off interior items these included.
  8. I basically have the same set up including the 18's. I just removed the 3.91 and replaced with 3.25 for the Hot Rod Power Tour. I think I would be happier with the 3.55's however.
  9. I started this project having to find some original seats since mine got missing years ago. I currently have the old Escort GT seats in the car now. I will be using TMI Sport XR covers with their required seat foams. I am in the waiting game now for the covers since they are made to order. They will be black with red stitching and stainless grommets. and the current seats waiting on these
  10. I just ordered the XR Sport seats and foams from TMI. Was able to get a small discount just for showing up in Charlotte the weekend. Was nice to see them in person and sit in them. Nice stuff.
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