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  1. Any body have tips for replacing the front springs on my 73 Mach? The suspension is removed as of now, puting in all new components. the car is on jack stands and the motor is out. I guess what we need is the "right" spring compressor. We have a lot of experience with race cars (we run fusion stock cars) but those coils are short and easy to change. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Rick
  2. I should probably add that both my son's, Rick and Bob were brought home from the hospital in this car after they were born. So their first car ride was in a MUSTANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hey Rev, welcome, i'm new here too. I'm in the process of redoing my wifes original '73 Mach. Where are you at in Tn.? I'm in the process of moving to the Cosby area ( 20 miles east of Gatlinburg) A guy who did some work for me has a '72 Mach, no tranny but it looks clean, 4-speed car which is why he bought it, for the tranny. Let me know as i'll be down in the area starting on 4/16/14 through 4/26/14, going to Charlotte and then working on my plce the rest of the week. Rick Tackman
  4. This is where we are at with my wife's 73 (original owner 35000 miles on the car) This is my son Rick Jr standing by the mocked out quarter left rear quarter mocked up, replaced both outer wheel houses due to rust issues That's my wife, Marge, with our 70 mustang race car in 1974, the 73 is in the backround and was only a year old at the time.
  5. We're heading down to Tn. from S.E. Wisc. on the 16th of April. My wife and i will be driving our 04 Supercrew towing our restored Scotty camper, my son and grandson will be following in my 07 Pony, a buddy from work is also following with his son in an 04 GT convert. We'll be staying at our place in Cosby and driving over either Friday the 18th or Sat the 19th, only about 200 miles. Won't have time to get our 73 Mach done, the weather in the north messed that up. Wife and i made it to the 40th in Nashville with our 94 coupe. Can't wait for this one ( NOT A FAN OF THE 2015 !!) Rick Tackman
  6. How many " horse " lovers from Tn. are planning to go to Charlotte? I'd love to hear from you folks and see how many i can get in contact with. Rick
  7. We're building a place in Cosby, actually have the garage built with an "apartment" in it. You going to the Charlotte get together?
  8. Hi1 my name is Rick Tackman and i'm a mustangaholic. I'm 65 years old and have owned 17 Mustangs since i bought my first 65 2+2 when i was 17. My son and i are restoring my wifes '73 Mach 1 that was purchased new in March of 73, ordered to our specs, 35000 original mile 'Q' code 4 speed car, which brought both of my sons home from the hospital when they were born. We'll be at the 50th in Charlotte with my '07 Pony, the weather held us up on the '73 but, oh well. We're moving from Wisc. to Tenessee this year, so were going to home-base our Charlotte trip with another Mustanger and stay at our place in the Smokies. Hope to hear from new friends on this list.
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