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  1. I have a 73 302 4 speed that I would like to change to a 351w but keep the stock duel exhaust with manifolds. Anybody do this? if so what h- pipe? And what else would I need?
  2. i have used fiberglass resin and the glass mat with good results
  3. I dont have the column apart because its summer and time to drive it!!! I have a 9inch metal lathe if it is round I can make new repair parts. I was hoping to get some pics of the the pieces to see if its possible.If so I would not mind making parts for forum members
  4. thanks guys good info. kcmash, the number please. I can hear and feel a slight amount of noise and play in the upper column when turning wheel back and forth with the motor shut off.I would like to know how the joint can be disassembled and repaired. All help is greatly appreciated.
  5. ok guys, there is a bit of a misunderstanding. My rag joint and coupler are not the problem. mister 4x4 thanks for diagram. where can I get the parts to rebuild number 3524 in the diagram? the universal joint that holds the two shafts together.Thanks for help
  6. thanks, but this is not what I need .Not pivot pins but repairing the universal joint that ties the two shafts together
  7. does anyone know where I can get info and pics of how to rebuild 73 tilt column universal joints
  8. thats funny I work near the place that roast it you can smell it in the air everyday
  9. Hello all, from rochester new york I have owned a few mustangs (4) down to one, a white 73 302 4spd mach 1 with the 73 aluminum slotted wheels, air cond deluxe int. PS, PB.
  10. NEW in box unopened B&M Holeshot street torque converter for small block C-6 250.00
  11. front buckets and rear seat upper and lower deluxe seats comfort weave with vermillion inserts good cond 400. for all
  12. 71 mach one trunk lid has some surface rust on edges 75.00
  13. left and right outer wheelhouse both for 500.00
  14. I have a NOS ford trunk floor with side drop downs all one piece original 1000.00
  15. I have two 73 NOS left quarter panels one someone trimmed off the edge that drops down inside under the trunk lid, it has a few spots of light surface rust. Asking 800.00 other one is complete and untouched asking 1000.00 for that one.

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