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  1. Just wanna say to you and yours, Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! Take Care, God Bless and stay safe this holiday season! Aloha, DJ
  2. yeah it looks like series 3 BMW... and it doesn't look like it belongs to the stang family! HA HA History repeating itself! Hypocrites! Just kidding, but serious, someday someone will own these cars and they'll find this website and see yall talking smack about their beloved Mustang. Why can't we all just get along like the Chevy and Mopar guys? I don't see or hear them talking shit about their cars when a new model comes out. ONLY Ford owners I guess :huh: Just dont get it! Oh well, if it makes you feel good, then have fun with it. LOL! "Butt Ugly" "BMW" "Euro Style" Ouch! All the same descriptions used about our cars back in the 70's and trickled down till today. When will this BS stop? It's good to be opinionated, but do it on the Camaro or Charger or Challenger, but on our own beloved Mustang?
  3. Exactly that..Lack of Knowledge! A lot are just followers and will agree with the next just to fit in. I'm also into Motorcycles and mostly on the custom side. A lot of your "Hard Core Harley Purists" think their "American" made bikes are the best and if you don't have one then you aint s#$t. Well, try wrenching on your own bike LOL! You'll find that most of the parts like electronics and suspension are from Japan and the newer bikes are European and Japan infuenced. The patent sound is just not their anymore. The old school purists will tell you that the true American Harley design ended with the Ironheads back in the early 80's and even then they had Showa suspensions and japan electronics. It's all lack of knowledge and pure ignorance! Hate racism/autoism in any form.
  4. WOW! I've always known they do amazing work, but your before and after pics just goes to show how amazing this company really is/was. I hope the closer is just temporary. I tried calling to Pony Carbs, but no answer for the past 2 days :(
  5. Awesome feedback Pappy! I see a few of you got to see Pegasus in person...that's just fantastic! I hope Pegasus will fly overseas to the Hawaiian Islands someday :D
  6. I'm actually working on a rendering of the whole car...still trying to wrap my head around "Blender" http://www.blender.org/ It's a very complicated process to teach yourself 3D modeling software by watching YouTube tutorials and reading as much as possible about it. So far I've done the hood about 5 times, the fenders about 9 or 10, and just started this afternoon with the doors and quarters. Anyway, I do plan on doing a few versions of what I have in my head on the computer. In the meantime I have a few small loose ends to deal with on the drip rail shave, and continue stripping the paint on the interior, Right on! You're doin a great job, so keep it up! DJ
  7. Lots of attention! I've even seen awesome reviews on Chevy websites. Congrats and any plans for another Ford build? Would love to see more of your work.
  8. ::welcome:: from Hawaii! I'm glad the owner is running Pegasus hard and enjoying every second of it. For me, you can put all Foose's creations up against your 1 Pegasus and you'd take home the Gold! Well done Goolsby Customs! Move over Foose and new Kings in town! Aloha, DJ
  9. "The Mean Girl Syndrome" Oh and fuel/oil crisis, insurance prices, emmissions, and basically bad timing. Ford's decline in the Trans Am Racing. The "purists" not happy with the design change. If given the chance in Trans Am back in the Golden Era, I honestly think our car would be considered the best ever! Again, bad timing! Oh well, it has nothing to prove cause it is THE BIGGEST and BADDEST MUSTANG EVER BUILT! Just look at the spec sheets ;0)
  10. Right on! The size will work, but if you like em fat w/ fatter tires like 295/50's then best to go with 5.5" Backspacing. I've got the 9" rearend with Drums on the rear and 5.5" w/ 295/50's and they tuck in nicely. Even with this setup you won't need to do fender rolls, but I recommend doing it if you're going that wide.
  11. Not good and I hope the company rebounds from whatever unfortunate reasons for closing.
  12. I'd say 99% sure they will work up front and 100% sure they'll work for the rears. The 1% not sure is because I've never tried it, but if my calculations are right, then that size should work up front aswell. The stock 15's on a Mach 1 were 15x7's with 4" backspacing. Even with 235x60x15 tires up front they did not rub. 235/15 tires when installed will bulge at least 3/4" if not a full 1". With this in mind, 17's with 4.5" backspace and 1/4" bulge tires should clear right? Stock 15x7's with 4" backspacing gives you a 3" front lip. Now, your 17x8's with 4.5" backspacing will give you a 3.5" lip, but again, only a 1/4" tire bulge on 17's vs a full 3/4" on 235/15's. See what I'm saying or am I not making any sense? LOL!
  13. 4000lbs? LOL! Mustang Monthly actually loves our cars and publishes a lot of good about our cars, so suprising to hear they got it wrong and made it look bad. The best we can do is represent our cars well and hope for the best. My 11 and Kens 73 Again, must be the angle of the picture cause I thought you were taller and wider than Ken, but you both seem to be the same size :D Awesome pic! That's it I start a diet tomorrow! Guess he never saw this eh Ken :D No reply means...mums the word LOL! Different strokes for different folks! 1971 Mach 1 has the best front view for me and especially with the Nasa ram air intakes... can't beat it! Even Tonka knows it :)
  14. I've never owned other year Mustangs, but have seen a lot garaged or parked in the elements. NONE has rotted to the core worse than the 7173's I've seen or owned. I think Ford really cheaped out and didn't take the proper steps / spend the money to properly rust proofing our cars.
  15. eohhhhhh, sorry bout that Scott! Just realized you've got the Flamethrower 3 dizzy and I'm not familiar with it and from what I've seen on the net, you may not need to air gap it the way older models do. Rebuild the carb and see if that fixes the problem. You could have a leaking or torn power valve. Hope you find the problem soon!
  16. Bad power valve? Did you properly adjust the gap on the pertronix?
  17. Awesome build! Keep up the great work! I too will be following your build for sure. ::welcome::
  18. Take the battery out of the car and let the car sit till you can fix it the right way. :D No one in their right mind would drive a car with leaking fuel. Count your lucky stars my friend!
  19. How did I miss this? Maybe next year! If someone gets a coconut than more than likely it came from me :D Merry Christmas to all! Aloha, DJ
  20. ::welcome:: from Hawaii! Impressive line up you have there, Congrats!
  21. 4000lbs? LOL! Mustang Monthly actually loves our cars and publishes a lot of good about our cars, so suprising to hear they got it wrong and made it look bad. The best we can do is represent our cars well and hope for the best. My 11 and Kens 73 Again, must be the angle of the picture cause I thought you were taller and wider than Ken, but you both seem to be the same size :D Awesome pic! Not true at all. Unless you've raised the rear with air shocks, then it becomes almost impossible to see out of the rear window. Stock from the factory had the rear lower than the front and you could see out the rear just fine. My car is pretty much leveled or maybe slightly higher in the rear and even with rear louvers, I see out the rear just fine. May have some blind spots when compared to other vehicles, but you could still see out the rear window. Don't all cars have blind spots? Just a matter of adjusting to that particular vehicle, but to put the car down for having this slanted rear window was just another reason for the haters to put the ole 7173 Mustang down.
  22. Just an awesome looking gas cap either way! What'd you use to strip the paint?
  23. That guys good! Talk about knowing your shit :D I've watched him a few times and has helped me with understanding timing. Yup, I'm an University of YouTube student :) Awesome video!
  24. I knew you were into this kinda thing :) Looks great! Now you just need to do the side scoops.
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