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  1. Hey everyone, I have been wondering this for a while, but is anyone else suffing or has suffered from poor fitting reproduction rear interior quarter trim panels? i bought a set when I did the interior on my car last summer, and they just do not fit. The belt lines i bought wouldnt fit, they didnt fit in the door jams and they have a huge gap in the back. Im just curious if anyone else is running into this problem. If so, what is the solution? Thanks.
  2. Yea the Torque thursts are the ones im wanting, with the powder grey center and polished lip. But as i said i am having a hard time finding them in my price range. that is why i am looking at the Torque thursters from centerline, the ones in the link.
  3. Hey everyone, i have kinda been searching my local cragslist for wheels for my 71 mach and honestly im having mixed emotions on a set of centerline wheels that i found. I have been looking for a set of American Racing Torque thusts but havent really been sucessful. anyways if anyone runs them, or has seen them on a 71-73 please post up a picture so i can make a better judement call. I really like the wheels, however i am having a really hard time invisioning them. please feel free to leave comments about them and what your opinions are. and please as i said, post pictures if there is any imformation i shuld know. http://cosprings.craigslist.org/pts/3524312733.html
  4. I can, Rocky Mountian Driveline will do it for me, however it was a little bit pricey and was looking for something cheaper
  5. Very well done so far! cant wait to see how it turns out, i can remember this stage of mine, wasnt too long ago. Love the aluminum parts! great job, keep up the good work!
  6. hey everyone, as the title states, i am in search of a driveshaft for a 71 mach 1 with a fmx and stock rear end. Im looking for something close to denver. i would like it rather soon so if anyone has one and is willing to dive it away then i would be the right guy to give it too. I bought one off a C6 and its 4 1/2 inches too long, and the one in my car was about 4 inches too short, soo i think what im looking for is a 52''. thanks.
  7. Hey guys just a quick question, What do most of you use for body filler, Is there anything better than 3M Bondo or not, It seams that bondo doesnt fill the areas I need to. I have seen the yellow putty used on tv and by members here. anything would help thanks guys!
  8. hah well thanks for catching that And i totally agree
  9. There are only a couple of 7171 Mustangs in my neck of the woods I only saw three or four at the rocky Mountain Roundup over fathersday weekend. I have never seen this particular one it almost looks as if the picture was taken near Chatfield lake. Im not sure but I have never seen it
  10. My first car was a 1979 Ford F150 Tall boy with a Straight 6 (sold in 2010) My first mustang is my current restoration 71 mach 1 351C I also have an '88 F150 with a Supercharged Straight 6 The 79 needed tons of work and I sold it before I could drive, I still cant haha but the mustang will be completed when I can! The 79 and the mustang and the 88
  11. Hey guys I have a quick question hoping that one of you can help me. I was recently flipping through the new Larry's Tbird and Mustang book and I saw a item called a Dash Cap. The description is not very spacific but it says that it is a dash Skin designed to slip over the existing dash and hide and/or protect from cracks. My only question is does it install over the dash pad and metal assembly that is already on the car. or does it replace the current one, If anyone uses one of these and has pics or info that would be great thanks.
  12. Hey Guys a quick question. has anyone used the universal A pillars from Mustangs Unlimited? If you have please post a pic I'm trying to find a original set but cant find new ones. If anyone has any sources for a 71 Mach please let me know thanks.
  13. What aftermarket wheels do you guys have on your cars. I was thinking of some american Racing 5 spoke style or some Cragar 5 spokes. Or should I keep the originals on it Pics please.
  14. I just purchased mine and just a few weeks ago I payed 4500 for mine which has a rebuilt 351C and a new tranny I think you got a good deal and welcome to the form
  15. here is a pic of the progress
  16. Thanks and I really don't plan on selling it anytime soon so I wil go original with it and put the mach 1 decals on it.
  17. I need some help on my trunk, I have a 1971 Mach 1 and the trunk springs came off the car. It has the Boss wing and I was also wondering if there is a way to make the tension stronger and hold the weight of the wing up. Are the torsion springs my only option or can I use a air or hydrolic shock like the ones used in Marine or on camper shells for pickups. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  18. I appreciate the help and I think that this is a great place to be. Some what of an update, I pulled the seats out yesterday and I found 30+ years of pistachios,Cigarettes and unpaid parking tickets. I will have to order some new floor pans and carpet, and have the Upholstery done and the interior is done. I wont get the interior done untill i get the exterior done of coarse.
  19. Thanks you for making your self clear sir and I will take your advice if I do ever sell it
  20. Thanks every body I will keep everybody informed on my progress and I have a vision and thats where i am headed with it. Thanks for all your help
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