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  1. WOW im very sorrry that is the worst thing I can think of Truly sorry
  2. Thank you sir that is what I plan to do and I will love it as many people do on this fourm
  3. Ok guys so It seams the car is a Mach 1 not a boss 351. I will be replicating the car as it sits now and it'll be a boss replica mach 1 as far as I'm concerned. So thats the history as i no it and the motor is a 1972 Cobra-jet Cleveland not a Windsor. Heres the vin. 1F05H160534
  4. As I said I have only had the car for a while and the motor was a rebuild so there is no way of really telling. The whood was painted to look more attractive for sale so it's not reallythe original hood paint. The stickers are original so it may or may not be. I'll get the vin off the car and find out. and I am not really set on selling it as its my first car so I want to build it the way I want and if i choose to sell it ill get what its worth. So it may or may not be but Its really not concerning me at this time
  5. Good afternoon guys over the weekend i got some work done on the car, We got the hood off and the car on blocks the trunk and the rear seat and the 1/8th in of bondo off of the rear quarter panel. We also got the door panels off and are working on getting the heater core out. The tail lights are out and I primed the rear panel and cleaned out the trunk for undercoat and a coat of black paint. Let me know what you think about my progress. Oh the power steering needs to be redone as well thats for a furher date. I also plan on a set of seats with a 5 point harness and the rear will be re-done. The floorboards are actually not as bad as we thought they would be. And now that the hood is off i can actually see the damage which is minimal. as the car comes apart the more of a story it tells. thanks for looking guys.
  6. As many of you can tell im am new here, I just wanted to share my new 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351. It has a rebuilt 351 Cobra-jet Cleveland 4 barrel with a Holly 600 4 barrel cab. The paint needs some work but I have a bit of time to work on this car. It also has an automatic Transmition, It appears to have a new bumper and new wheel covers. It need some rust repair on the floor boards and it needs a interior redo, The motor has less than 2,000 miles on it (as far as I know) Anyway I hope to get some good input on it all comments are welcome. thanks. (I will get more pictures soon)
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