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  1. Ouch! Sorry I didn't see your post earlier... I know the Top Loader on the chest removal method too! Not sure my chest wouldn't collapse at this point in my life though. You are right about bending down too... I used to just hop in the Stang without a thought... now I feel like I need to bend a certain way to get in the car without wrenching my back. Getting old isn't for sissies... I still try to do most of the work on the car myself because there really aren't that many old Stang mechanics around anymore. Stay young! 73 is the new 53, right?
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Actually, my Centerforce 2 has been in for many years, and I also have not had any issues with it until recently. If I had recently installed it and had this issue, I'm sure I would feel differently... You are correct, it bites hard and never slips... And, yes, something like a bad Throw out bearing clip would also cause a partial disengagement... but, I'm really hoping I don't need to drop my transmission again! I bought my '72 Mach I in 1971... I'm 67... in the old days I'd do a clutch swap in a weekend... now I'd take a weekend to think abou
  3. I need to apologize for not mentioning that my clutch is a Centerforce... After searching for "Centerforce clutch won't go into gear", I got thousands of hits... Turns out that since Centerforce uses weights in a "floating ring" to put extra pressure on the plate. While this feature really works, no one ever mentioned that the weights could stick in the housing! This is why sometimes the clutch works just fine and other times acts like the clutch is partially engaged. Thanks for the help, and I'll probably live with this issue until I get mad enough to replace the Cente
  4. Yes, thanks, that was one of the first things I tried... I may go out and move it further... but, the engagement is currently pretty high up at this point... I'm running out of suggestions!
  5. Thanks for the responses! The motor mounts are solid, and the car won't go into any gear easily when stopped, so it probably isn't the mounts. And, yes, if I grind it into second before first, it does seem to help. But, this condition is relatively new and I'm looking for the underlying issue. The clutch plate must not be getting fully disengaged with the 4 speed... But, I hate to tear everything down until I have some better understanding. Thanks
  6. My 1972 Mach I with a 351c, 4 speed hurst, and toploader is getting tough to get into gear when the engine is running. I thought it might be the toploader or 4 speed linkage, but it shifts into every gear just fine with the engine off. The problem seems to go away after driving for while and everything warms up. I'm suspecting the throwout bearing, but it is not making any noise. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Kilgon, You know your stuff! Your answer worked perfectly. The secret is pulling back on the 2 ends of the wiper as you mentioned... This takes the spring pressure off the wiper pin and makes it fairly easy to pull off. Thanks again. I've attached photos of the operation.
  8. Yes, you are correct... now that you mention it, I believe I did this last time since the new replacements didn't look like they belonged on the old '72. I've owned this car from new and it never gets driven in the rain, so there are at least 10 years between replacements! I just forgot what I did the last time... it is tough getting old... me (not the car). Thanks for the response!
  9. Thank you for the nice response... I've attached 2 pictures of my model. There is a small tab near the pin that I'm assuming is this blade's release, but it is pretty ambiguous! I'll keep trying. Actually your blades are quite different from mine...
  10. This may sound pretty basic, but I can't get the wiper blade off the wiper arm on my '72 mach I. The wiper blades that have a pin in the wiper arm that goes thru the blade assembly, but for the life of me I can figure out how to remove it. Any suggestions... I must be missing something simple. Thanks
  11. Mikey

    First Timer

    Thanks for the welcome! I did put several pics on the 1972 gallery. Thanks from NJ... wish we had your weather out in Nevada! I did post some pics in the 1972 gallery.
  12. Hi 71-73 lovers! My first post on your forum... Sorry I haven't joined earlier... I'm not a good forum person I guess. I ordered my 72 Mach 1 in 1971 from Pacifico Ford in Phila, PA... it has led a better life than me... in 74 because of the gas crisis I had to buy a car that could go further on a tank of gas, so I parked the stang in the garage and bought a Honda... I've driven the stang at least once or twice a month since then and thankfully haven't had any problems. I was 18 when I bought the car, 61 now... and, still love it! Good to see so many stang lovers in one spot, and t
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