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  1. Thanks for all the info. I sent an email to Ohio Mustangs and I will follow up with a call tomorrow.
  2. I purchased a new tank for my '72. I had planned on buying a new sending unit but the part of the tank where the return line connects did not come with the tank (the hole on the top of the tank). I have looked at all of the sites I know of and called everywhere and nobody has one. I have already thrown my old tank away. Anybody know where I can get one?
  3. I have the original manual trans. I bought a set of JBA headers that they said would fit. looked for a long time. These on the drivers side are not even close. the clutch lever is so far in the way its not funny. Anybody have any answers on this????? Thanks
  4. Judge, I feel bad but been here all my life and never heard of them. I will look them up. Thanks For the info
  5. thanks for the reply Judge. I have a similar situation but I really wanted to replace the entire section. I just finished welding in a patch which is about 4X3. don't really think it will hurt the integrity of the support.
  6. Thanks for all of the info. I will call Ohio Mustangs today.
  7. This is my first post and I hate to ask for help but here goes. I have a 72 coupe and I need a strut rod support brace. Mine has some rust issues. Can't seem to find them any where. Any help would be great.
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