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  1. From what I've seen on here, I might be closest and I'm near Rochester mn
  2. Ok so the actual part # is a D1AZ-3E723-C however if you look that # up it says it's for about any pickup from the 70's to the 90's but the part does not have the dashes. I'm not sure if ford removed the dashes to create a new part or what, I've looked up the part that you had listed from the master but that doesn't look the same as the one I have removed
  3. From everything I've found the part # is a d1 something,I've got the whole part# but it's the same as you listed except the d1. I can't find any place that still makes the part
  4. I'd been looking for a 67 fairlane, I couldn't really find anything worth what they wanted for it. My brother called and said he found my car car,but it was a 72 mach1, I wasn't really too excited but looked at pictures of it, called the guy, apparantly his fiancé had just left him and he wanted to get rid of the car she loved. Decided to go look at it (16 hours awAy) and came with an all original h code, sheet metal 's all original other than one front fender, floor pans original, still had/has the original am radio. I always hated these cars(like so many do) but these cars are amazing, so gl
  5. I've recently encountered a problem with my 72 Mach and the key will not engage the starter. First thought it was the brass gear in the column which is rotated by the cylinder but then discovered after completely disassembling the column that it's the actuator assembly hat is missing the back two teeth on the actuator, I'm wondering if anyone on this site knows where I can get a new actuator assembly

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