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  1. Alright. The time has come. Our 72 coupe is a major project and pile of parts. Like just about everybody, I had the best of intentions when I drove this car into my shop and tore it apart. But unlike many of you, it simply stalled and now just occupies space. Because other priorities have moved in front, I wanted to post here to see if somebody has the time, money and backbone to take this on. It's really more of a collection of parts at this point, but there are some good parts. I don't have the time or interest to part it, however. I'd like $2500 for it all. Here's what I have.
  2. Sweet. Thanks for sharing. As Mark said...it gives hope to those of us with skeletons.
  3. Ya, not cool. Excedrin migraine is the only product that works for me. Don't need it regularly thank goodness, but when I do it's the only thing that works. Down to about half a small bottle. Hope this is all sorted out by fall.
  4. Hi, Luis - Glad to hear you found a car! As I recall, you had a guy lined up in New Port Richey. I'm in St. Pete, as you may recall. What scope of work are you looking for? Mark
  5. My 2 cents - for that kind of money, I'd go to the 5.0 set up as others have suggested. Unless you're especially attached to your 351, or originality is critically important, I don't think there's enough bang for the buck in making that mod to the original motor.
  6. Thanks. It's been 6 or 7 years since we bought the wheels and I only recall that we bought them from a California company online. They've held up very well.
  7. Thanks, Mike. She'll make someone a nice driver.
  8. Before we advertise the car locally, I thought I'd post it here to see if anyone may have interest or know of someone looking for a clean, economical, reliable Mustang. Our family has owned this 2000 coupe since new. It has 137k. Everything works as it should. It's a v6 auto. We added a GT rear bumper and dual exhaust and chrome Mach1 wheels. We're asking $3500. Send me a PM with your contact number if you'd like to talk about it. Some of the proceeds from this car will be headed into our 72. Thanks for looking. Mark
  9. What an awesome neighborhood. Mopars around the corner?
  10. Looks like a great lake boat. Congrats, and enjoy, Roy.
  11. A neighbor's Chevelle S/S was the first car I fell in love with, and they've had a special appeal for me ever since. I'd have no interest in a 'new' one, but finding and restoring a 70-72 big block is on my list after I finish the Mustang.
  12. Nice TJ project, Kevin. What's your plan for power? We've done a couple small block Chevy conversions in YJ's we've owned. Jeeps are a blast. Thanks for sharing.
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