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  1. New to the forum here. We recently started our 72 project. She's nothing special to the purists, but we like her. Obviously, she's a coupe. 351w, auto. Was very glad to find this forum, as I get tired of finding very little on 71-73 in the other forums. Much more to come, but for now, hello to all. Mark
  2. That's a sharp combination. I'm not generally a fan of vinyl tops, but in combination with that color, it looks great! Love the stripe, too.
  3. Couldn't help but reply here. At 6'6" and 240, I don't yet have a seat problem in my 72 coupe, as the car is almost completely disassembled. I had already planned to push the seat risers back on the new floor pan to gain some room, but I'll be watching what you all end up doing in the comfort department. I've got pppplllllenty of time left before I look at that issue, but I found the thread interesting. Mark
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