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  1. Thanks, Mark. Wasn't sure after seeing this one, and knew somebody with one in the garage would know right way.
  2. Were all original ram air units plastic? I recently saw an underhood unit in fiberglass and then saw an after market unit online also in fiberglass. Didn't think those were original. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, Scott. Glad my humble piece of metal could help you out. You've helped me in more ways than I can mention with your general advice, expertise and videos that have served this entire group well. The knowledge that you and many other members here have on nearly every Mustang subject is amazing enough. But that you all share it so freely in the spirit of helping others with their projects is something infinitely more impressive. Mark
  4. Sorry, didn't get numbers by the starter area
  5. No hate here. Had 2 Darts in the family over the years - a 69 and a 74.
  6. Yes, both heads are the same. Here's the block stamp.
  7. Happy down south? It's way too cold here - 40s tonight. I just had to pull on some sweatpants on with my short sleeve t-shirt and bare feet. Oh the inhumanity.
  8. Thanks, Pappy. And thanks Roy for a now bookmarked reference. Mark
  9. Anybody recognize these head numbers? Supposedly on an early 70s non mustang cleveland block.
  10. Thanks, guys. 72 Mach- could you PM me a couple pics? 71Steed-that's a good deal for perfect. Let me see 72Mach's pics and I'll let you both know.
  11. Looking for a coupe lid. Don't need a repro new in box - something that needs a little repair is fine. I thought mine would be alright to repair, but my wire wheel informed me otherwise today. Thanks.[/align]
  12. Bound to be a surprise of two, but hope they're minor and easily addressed. Good luck and please share those progress pics!
  13. If I'm following, your starter gear is engaging the flywheel randomly when the motor is at idle?
  14. That looks smart, and pretty easy to fab, Scott. Look forward to seeing those come together in the Saturday Morning Garage.
  15. ::welcome:: from Florida
  16. Got a PM from him yesterday, so I know he's not ready for the carton.
  17. Spotted this '78 on the way back home from a Jeep ride today. Don't see many (any) around here, so I thought I'd share.
  18. Do you need the entire center bezel with the gauge cluster, or just the gauges themselves and a radio bezel? I have a set of gauges and a radio bezel.
  19. ::welcome:: from Florida. Nice car - doesn't look like there's a whole lot of heavy lifting to restore it. Drive while you restore sounds like a great plan. I push mine around on the dolly and have someone make motor sounds every once in a while. :P
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