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  1. Took my eyes a minute to adjust to that one. At first, it looked like one of those Midwest storms through a pie plate into the side of that car.
  2. I've got two 3-gauge clusters and need to bench test them. Does anybody know or have a resource for the proper resistance for each gauge so I can put a meter on them to determine their condition? Thanks.
  3. Groovy, man. :cool: Not my style, but it does look like a pretty decent start for a project. I can always respect the work, even if I don't love the result.
  4. I get that completely, Scott, which is why I'm glad I'm not within a day of you and that car. It's going to make someone here a sweet deal.
  5. ::welcome:: from Florida
  6. I love a good 'road less traveled' story. Don't let her get away, Scott.
  7. ::congratz:: The resources for knowledge and practical experience here are unmatched.
  8. That group makes for one interesting family reunion, for sure. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Lots of folks here with beautiful updated wheels that look great on our cars. For me, I'm an old school guy that will stick with the magnums.
  10. Bump. After I cut Scott's piece, these are going to scrap. Anybody else need a piece or angle from these?
  11. I was trolling Meacum's site for the January Kissimmee auction and came across this photo. The Mach is nice, but stacking them up in the garage behind...now that's just showing off. I should be so lucky. ...or maybe that's Don's garage?
  12. Got a nice shiny plate frame from Mark (markmel). I'm hoping to have the car worthy of it by summer. Thanks, Mark
  13. Fill those flares with helium and I bet it would fly...
  14. That's an impressive undertaking. Look forward to watching your progress. Kudos.
  15. Best Christmas party ever. Nice find. Or technically did it find you?
  16. Good thoughts, all, thanks. Steve's '68 has the look we're seeking. Thanks for posting. Thanks, Scott for the DIY sequence. I like that a lot to play until we get just the look we want.
  17. Nice find, Mike. Love vintage advertising. Thanks for sharing.
  18. So we want a rear spoiler on the coupe. I think a lip spoiler may be more suited to the coupe body style, so I borrowed the rear lip spoiler from a friend's 69 RS/SS camaro now under restoration, and the fit is surprisingly good. With a few tweaks, I think it may work. (Of course I don't literally mean his. I'll get my own). For those of you who can get beyond the co-mingling of a chevy lip on my ford rear end...thoughts? Anybody here have a lip spoiler on a coupe? Thanks.
  19. ::welcome:: from Florida. Post some pics when you can.
  20. Is it just me, or does anyone else hear angels singing when a picture of Roy's motor gets posted?
  21. I have picked what I need from my 73 donor's doors and am ready to get them out of the shop. They've got good glass, regulators and such. Rust at the bottom would make them tough to save as a set, but the interior metal is good. Let me know if you may need a particular angle or bend for your own repair from any section of the door. Again, the bottoms are a shot. PM me with a description - or better a pic - of the area you may need, and we'll work something out.
  22. Well deserved. Congrats, gents. ::beer::
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