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  1. Please tend to that fuel leak. Nothing will stop you quicker than a fire, brakes aside.
  2. Hoping for some disappointing progress for myself over the holidays. Progress is progress in any flavor. Nice work, Pappy.
  3. Nice job with the motor details. Any current pics of the car?
  4. Cleaning up today and unearthed this mini console. It's in good shape with no cracks, and includes the ash tray. $30 plus actual shipping costs. Shoot me a PM if you'd like it. Thanks.
  5. My favorite thing to work on is always the NEXT item on the list.
  6. Damien, Congratulations on your new venture. From following your posts, you seem to be a passionate guy about the hobby (and now your pt business) and a caring person. Those qualities will serve you well. Logo 2 is the better choice. It communicates better and more directly. I'd suggest that you modify the tagline to be a little more descriptive of the services you will provide. Without that, I can't tell whether I'm looking at a car dealer, restoration shop, parts supplier or just some guy who designed a cool logo for his car. The single-color vector format is easily and cheaply produced, as you mention. But your simple design would also allow you to change colors easily - perhaps to match your customers' cars. Logo 1 has a bit of a vintage garage feel, but it focuses incorrectly on the car as the primary image, and too much negative space is trapped in and around the center. Splitting the main copy can also be a bit distracting. If you want to work with that one a bit more, I'd place your SuperBoss copy across the center of the circle and move the car and ancillary copy to the perimeter. Once you finalize the design, if you don't have access to a good sign shop, I'll be happy to produce some decals - at no cost - to get you started, if you'll cover the shipping from Florida. Hope that helps. We've owned and operated a full-service signage and graphics company for a bit over 10 years. Mark
  7. Nice work around, Mike. Where did your carpet come from? Have others had problems with new carpet being short? Thanks.
  8. My favorite choice for consumable stuff like cut off wheels, grinding discs, spot weld bits. Buy 'em cheap, burn 'em up and throw them away.
  9. I love old people too. Especially those that drive in Michigan, not Florida. :P Great story. Thanks for sharing, Roy.
  10. ::welcome:: from St. Petersburg, Florida. Nice work! Would love to see some of your restoration pics in the garage.
  11. That would be the quickest funeral procession in history. Departing in style for sure.
  12. ::welcome:: from St. Petersburg, Florida
  13. That sucks, to say the least. Hopefully you have some recourse. I've used a really good race shop down here in west central Florida, if you have any reason to get this way. But it's probably as close to you as the shops you left in PA. I trusted a hack shop once on a sb Chevy motor for our wrangler. They bored. 040 then installed stock pistons. When you find people you don't have to watch, it's a wonderful thing.
  14. My apologies to Mike (luxstang) It's not right that I beat him to this post with his own table. :P
  15. Always thought this re-purposing project was cool.
  16. Wow, it's been a long time side I've seen one of those. It's the only coffee maker I remember growing up. And my wife and I have had dozens of them in our adult life. They sure don'tmake them like they used to. Our latest, the keurig, lasted a whole 8 months before it's first problem.
  17. From St. Petersburg. Pls share some pics.
  18. Look forward to seeing your progress, Dave. Please post some pics when. You can. Mark
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