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  1. x2. Video really helps you get a good look at the work. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  2. Great advice, Qcode...thanks! PM to Tn. Mark
  3. ::welcome::, thunder. You'll find plenty here, from expert tech advice to inspiration, when you need it. Mark
  4. Pics are perfect. Thanks, guys. I'll check out your other post, Qcode. I had one of those "self-removing" hats, so I didn't get the luxury of taking it off, just picked it up, haha. Also, the material I removed was only to avoid having to buy another tube of antibiotic as I reach around this area before the fix. My car loves me, and she grabs me constantly as I work. It looks like 73mach's hat sits a little higher from the base than Qcode's. Is that likely just the photo angle, or are they different? And, is the height from the base consistent around the perimeter (keeping the top pretty much level), or does it angle slightly to the front or rear? Thanks. Mark
  5. ::welcome::, Bob. Love those resto pics, so please post your garage when you can. Mark
  6. Timely topic for me, as we're switching from stock to NASA hoods, too. I saw a set of springs yesterday listed as "for Ram Air" and wondered whether I needed to add item another item to my parts list. Thanks, 71fastback and Machman for crossing one more off my list! Mark
  7. I returned the heater box to the firewall yesterday to begin mocking up the lower cowl repair I need. The lower area rotted away enough that I'm not clear on how the box seals to the lower cowl and how the hat should look. :huh: I've got a pic here of the box, as viewed through the lower cowl, and a pic of a trim ring that had rusted away from the lower cowl area. When I try to match it to the cowl area, it just doesn't look right in any position. The trim ring has a flat section on the perimeter, about 3" long, but it's not clear where that flat area should fall. Any help and direction would be appreciated. A few pics of a repaired lower cowl with the heater box in place, would be awesome. Thanks.
  8. She looks like a killer in that black dress and shoes, David. Nice work!
  9. The site is becoming like my morning coffee - my day's not quite right without it. Thanks to you guys who generously share your knowledge and experience. Mark
  10. Like Doc, I'm skeptical of miracle cures in my cars and in my life. However, the pics posted looked pretty amazing and surely worth an open mind with some documentation. I've never tried greasing my elbows before turning on my grinder :D. I'll have to try it. Mark
  11. 72Mike


    ::welcome:: Love my kids, and my cars. I've been fortunate enough to find they're not mutually exclusive. Love to see some pics when you can share.
  12. Folks here much more knowledgeable than I can correct me, but I thought the Sprint edition was special trim for 1972 to honor the Munich Olympics. Or, maybe I just haven't had enough coffee yet this morning. Haha Mark
  13. Alright...:@ Bears fan from way back. Can anybody recall a more gutless move from a quarterback (or any player for that matter) taking a knee (no pun intended) in a conference championship game? Can you imagine Rogers taking a seat? Rothlesberger? Of course not. Not that Cutler made a difference (for the Bears at least) but I'm just saying... Congrats, Packers. But I've gotta pull for the Steelers in the big game...lots of family history in Pennsylvania. Mark
  14. Thanks, Maiden. These are nice pics, but anything used on or set up for the web won't work for me. And, actually, the color I'm seeking looks more like your car. I was told the factory color was yellow gold. It's the darker yellow color, and more yellow than gold, not the bright yellow. I appreciate your help. Mark
  15. Looking for a high-resolution photo of a 72 Mach in Yellow Gold with Magnum wheels. If anybody here has a car finished this way and would care to send a quality pic to my email, I'd appreciate it. Please PM me if you do. Thanks. Mark
  16. ::welcome::, Charles. Please post some pics when you can. We love pics. Mark
  17. I like the idea, rocketfoot, and I'll gladly vote for a car each month. But I can't help but think that you (or whomever takes this on) largely will be reviewing the same group of submissions each month to put up for vote. I'm reminded of the year my family won the neighborhood holiday decorating contest. While we did a nice job, it was more about our turn than any real achievement. Now that I've written that, I DO believe that all of our cars deserve their turn in the spotlight (although mine is nowhere near ready for her close-up). Great job with innovation on the site! Mark
  18. An impressive undertaking, and an impressive result. Nice work. Mark
  19. Good suggestion :idea: Just posted the same link in the regional event forum. Mark
  20. Hey, coilwire - here's something you might want to check out during your visit to the Orlando area. This weekly cruise usually attracts some really nice cars. Mark http://www.old-town.com/WeeklyEvents.html#Fridays
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