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    351 Cleveland 2 barrel heads
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  1. I probably put 1000 miles on my car a year. I use Mobile 1 oil. Do I need to change it annually? Thanks Tom
  2. I have a Mohawk lift in my garage. When I lift my '71 Mustang using the car's frame, it destroys the front shock bushing. Any suggestions? I have been taking the nuts off the top of the front shocks before lifting and then reinstalling when complete. A big hassle. Thanks Tom
  3. Thanks for the reply. Diagram will certainly help. Tom
  4. I completed the swap. I am enjoying the cursing in overdrive! So, only issue is the back up lights. Any suggestions on how to hook them up? Thanks Tom
  5. I have a '71 Mustang with a 351C. Is anyone else having the issue of torn top front bushing tears overtime you jack up the from end? Any solutions? Thanks Tom
  6. Don / et all. Please see attached picture. It is the set up for the Carb and knick down. I don't see any change from my original set up. I expected to see a Bracket and TV cable. With this set up, I assume there is no way to adjust the shift pattern.........correct? Tom
  7. Thanks for the response. My biggest concerns is how it is shifting. I'll try your suggestion and let you know how it works. I am concerned the transmission shop does not know how to adjust the TV cable correct. Tom
  8. Thanks for the feedback. it is definitely going into park. The movement between the difference gears i.e. P, R etc is much shorter on the AOD vs my FMX. I'll see if adjusting the shift level rod makes a difference. The shift lever for the lock out will not fit on the AOD. Fabricating a new one may be the solution.
  9. OK, the conversion is complete. I had a local shop perform the work. I picked up the car yesterday! Couple of questions to anyone who might know the answers: 1- The connection from the transmission to the steering column was not reattached. I had to tie up the end so I could remove the key. Is that a problem? Is there a way to make it functional again? 2-The stock shifter worked, but it nows read 'N' when in drive. Can that be corrected? 3- Is there a way for me to determine that the transmission is shifting properly. Driving it home from the shop (about 25 miles), it seems to be shifting quickly to OD and the gas pedal becomes hard to push. I understand the setting of the TV cable needs to be done correctly or damage to the transmission can occur. How can I be assured it is? Thanks for any advice. Tom
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Lots of good information coming from the forum.
  11. Thanks, both articles very helpful
  12. I have the AOD transmission and looking for the best conversion kit. I have a 1971 coupe, 351C engine and the FMX transmission. Any advice on where to buy the best conversion kit for my specific need. Thanks Tom
  13. I have the Cleveland engine with a FMX transmission. i want to do the AOD swap. What year AOD will work with my Cleveland engine. I had an opportunity to buy a used AOD from a 1992 ford, but the both pattern would not work with my Cleveland engine. The 1992 AOD was a one piece design. Did earlier models have a two piece design? Thanks Tom
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