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  1. Yes happy Independence Day to everyone. I'm just hanging out with the grandkids on the Outerbanks of NC.
  2. I just went to the UPS store and the exact shipping is 27.85 that’s for ups ground and insurance so your total is 227.85
  3. 225.00 should cover it but I’ll get you an exact amount tomorrow morning at the ups store, if they’re open that is thanks to the Coronavirus.
  4. It’s going to be around 25.00 to ship if you want this air cleaner please let me know soon as I have other interested parties but you were first to reply so you get first crack.
  5. I just looked back to this time last year when I sold one of these to a guy in North Carolina and the shipping cost 25.00. I’m not sure of your location but you can bet it will cost that much or more.
  6. I have no idea how much shipping will be, I guess it will depend on how it’s shipped UPS or Fedex or usps. My best guess would be around 20.00 but that’s only a guess. If your serious I will box it and take it to be weighed at the post office and the UPS store.
  7. I’m selling a 351 CJ air cleaner housing assembly in good condition. 200.00 plus shipping.
  8. I’m considering adding hood twist locks to my 72 Mach1 but I’m concerned about cutting the holes without damaging the paint. Has anyone out there tried this? If so what technique did you use and what tools worked best? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Frank aka Mr Mach1
  9. mrmach1

    C6 for sale

  10. Question, my 72 came with Argent silver stripes and 4Q Dark green metallic paint. I was just wondering if anybody knows if black stripes would have been available with that same color 4Q paint. Did the color paint dictate what color stripes you could order?
  11. Yeah I found out last week that the digital version was canceled and replaced with Hot Rod magazine. Which I promptly canceled. I’ve been a subscriber to Mustang Monthly since 1984. I not at all happy.
  12. Your going to have to pull the blower motor back out and feel around inside the housing for anything that could be touching the fan. It's pretty obvious that there is some sort of material that has come loose and giving you that Cards in the spokes sound.
  13. My 72 Mach1 was delivered June 28th 1972 and I was 16 1/2 the legal driving age in Massachusetts as long as you completed a drivers Ed course. How convenient.
  14. I'm never sure of these things but I believe cars only came with hood hold downs (or what ever they are called) if it had Ram air. Also the hood stripe I think is wrong and only came on Ram air cars. But I'm never absolutely sure of anything when it comes to Fords especially Mustangs.
  15. JI have a extra 351CJ air cleaner assembly complete with flapper door and chrome lid. I’m asking 150.00 or best offer.
  16. If it’s an original hurst I’d rebuild it myself but that’s just me. You could buy a new one and use the original shift handle and knob.
  17. Beautiful cars I owed a 65 and a 66 and of course I still own my 72, I loved them all and wish I still had them all.
  18. Last month I reinstalled my urethane bumper back on for the third time after refinishing it yet again. I love the look of the urethane bumper but I’ve such a hard time with the finish cracking. I’m hoping it holds up better this time.
  19. low-gloss textured black paint was used on it from the factory. The diagram below shows the spoiler installation. Did all come painted black? My car has Argent silver paint.
  20. I've been running a Holley 715 cfm (Shelby GT350) carb. I'm using a M code intake from a 1970 351C. I've been running this combo on my 72 Qcode for many years with no complaints. Just a suggestion.
  21. I'll be there but alas my Mach1 won't be making the trip this year. It's a long drive and my back couldn't take it.
  22. Wow! that's very blue. (my favorite color) Nice.
  23. Welcome from Massachusetts, Pretty car

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