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  1. Another pic, struggling to upload images on my smart phone.. Need to get to a PC.. Last one.
  2. Hey Guys, My interior was lacking appeal so i Finally installed my new interior today, new seats, new Australian Approved Seatbelts installed and reprinted my door trims. Pretty happy with the results..
  3. If its true that prices will be matching HSV Pricing,I believe they will find themselves in a situation that there will be many left over on dealership floors for a very long time due to more competigion in that price range. I thought that the reason ford was closing their doors here was do to high production costs, so are they now looking for Higher profit margins...give the average hard working Aussie a break.. Corporate Greed at its best! I won't by one.
  4. Also my #1 car on my list, but the fastback. Saw one on eBay Australia a few months back, black with Gold stripes . Was asking $80k.. Needed a few things, but overall looked solid. Love these Cars!!!
  5. Hi Guys, Whats the Difference b/w the speckle and plaid trunk mats that ive seen on ebay and other stores. There are also options of standard and Heavy Duty.. As i understand, the Mach1s did not come with Factory Trunk Mats? Is this correct? if so, whats everyone got as a Mat? Looking for ideas as whether to purchase the Scott Drake ones or go with something else.. Cheers!
  6. You would be kicking yourself right now, I made the same mistake 7yrs ago, never felt the same since until I bought this one in 2010, but I did pay more than double for it!! Ouch!! I don't think I'll be making that mistake again on both cars., its not the monetary value its the passion sweat and memories... I'm married to these beauties!!
  7. The 4 door muscle cars not only look great but perform well. I would love to have a xa-xb gt 4 door sedan in my collection but my first love is the xb gt coupe is my first love.. I've posted a pic of mine. The reason why I decided to purchase a 73 mach 1 is because of the striking similarities the cars share. I think they are beautiful in their own right and have the edge over any 4 door muscle car..just my opinion!!!
  8. What did you pay for it.. Looks like a big job!!
  9. They do restrict the Trunk from fully opening, but they do look cool and tuff..!
  10. All sorted guys I hope!! I guess I will learn a lot about these cars from you guys..I'm no expert so will take constructive advise and Critisms in my stride.. Ask me about australian coupes and thats my area. I've taken a photo, I'm sure it's now stands corrected. Another photo!
  11. I always suspected something was not quite right about the spoiler..I guess you learn something new every day!!! I guess that's how they do it in Iowa!!lol!!!
  12. Hey Don65stang, Thanks for alerting me to that fact.. I am a newbie to this whole stang car. Only going by what a couple of panel shops have told me, no evidence of any previous accidents or rust cut outs or bondo work, they could believe the condition of the car body and paint, as for the bonnet..I don't know too much about it, although I do have a ram air bonnet for future addition. It's in fact a factory 302 but definitely a mach 1, so my guess would be the bonnet was a single colour? Cheers
  13. Hey Jim, I'm from the northern suburbs, where are you from? would love to get the Mach out but in the process of getting the car ready for club rego.. Hey, where is your engine number stamped, just one of the things I need to do as I can't find one on the engine anywhere..not a matching numbers engine, worked Windsor 351.. It came with the car. I will eventually put back a Cleveland in it.
  14. Hi Guys, This is my ride. I imported this 73 Mach1 From Iowa to Melbourne, Australia. Bought off a 65 yr old Car collector who was downgrading his collection. The car is in near mint condition. Still holds the original Paint 9/10 and no rust whatsoever.. Car was kept indoors all its life, And I believe I am the 3rd owner.. Looking forward to contributing and learning more about these Cars in this forum..cheers guys!
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