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  1. I just recently painted/dye my rear quarter panels, and I have noticed that they turned to be too dark...is there any way (without going across the US to find replacements); that I can redye them to the closest color? If I can, what do I need to do, without destroying the texture? This was a colormatch and the color became too dark. I'm trying to get it to a brown/ginger color. Is it fixable? Can you help?
  2. Hi Don(Ohio Mustangs) So were you able to find that part for my friend's 72?...
  3. Dearly beloved we are gathered to pray that you will NOT pay that amount for this; but if you are a project kind of guy...it looks like a jewel..but it will cost you to put it all together. I've seen a car in Monthly Mag in similar condition and they bought it and continued to strip the car and started from scratch and after they were finished..it was a beautiful car; but you gotta want to start from scratch thou. ~Don't pay 2 grand for it..NO!!~ in it's present condition..it's worth..under $500.00...if they won't go that low..then walk..
  4. Thank you..will go take care of it, my brother said the same thing.. ~Syl~
  5. Welcome from Southern California...
  6. Hi, for some odd reason my padded horn is starting to melt and my car won't start..there's nothing wrong with the battery all connections to it are clean...so I disconnected the battery, and the horn to prevent a fire....any suggestions as to what the cause is? and where I can buy a new spoke padded horn? ~Syl~
  7. Welcome from Southern California
  8. My horn has two problems: 1. when I press for it, it don't sound off, I have to feel around to find that spot to make it work 2. when my horn does sound I either have to low sound or the high sound if I find that spot then they both sound..was this your problem too?
  9. Yes, you're right it has that 70's Ginger interior and brown carpet. When are you going to start restoring it? Once you restore it. make sure you put it under lock and key and beware of those compliments and offers, they will be all over you..lol..I see you said you are stationed in CA; are you in the Military? If you are..lol well so am I. When you finish with the restore I'd like to meet up with you and take a in person look at your '72 and side it with my '71. Whenever I find and fix my Carb issue.
  10. Sounds good. I'll be over there. That is a GRANDE idea..I'll be there!
  11. Hi, Ah! Finally a site I can call home for my 71, other then the Garage. Hello Everybody! My name is Syl, I'm alittle confused as to how to use this site..so I hope you are able to read this. I'm 2nd owner to my Original Yellowgold 302 Grande. I bought her in 1993 for $4,000.00 "as is" I've restored the engine but having problems with the carburetor. I've restored the Vinyl and the front seats and the front windshield. Later, I will restore the paint as the trunk is starting to develop rust. She is my everyday drive and I get looks, thumbs up and offers from around town about this car. I ge
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