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  1. iwanna chang the car
  2. Going to add late model GT calipers and larger rotors. I need a set of 71-73 Drum brake spindles w/hubs. I may be able to trade a set of factory 73 spindles complete w/ disc brakes. Plz also send a reply to corky.p@cox.net Tubo
  3. Hey Mike I can make You a deal, see you at the show. Or cars & Coffee if it ain't raining.
  4. I'll be at the 2016 Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Show March 18-20 Pensacola Florida State Fair Grounds. http://www.gulfcoastmustangclub.org/2016show.html I'll be there all weekend, getting a vendor spot and see bout clearing some space in my garage. Wheels & Tires, Hoods, Seats, 8" 3.25 Trac-loc and so on. Stop by and say "Howdy" Tubo
  5. Jeff I sure hope your getting a 4R70W ready to drop into that machine of yours. Tubo
  6. Hey Mike, Karol & I are taking a Viking Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam, Aug of 2016. Then 10 days worth making our own way to Barcelona and leaving from London. Though we may reverse that course. Anywho Ya may have visitors. Then I can see how you did your Auto Overdrive tranny. Corky
  7. Welllllll, If any folks are up for a road trip to the Texas Hill Country...The 12th ANNUAL MustangSteve BASH will be held in Wimberley, Texas. 12 September 2015 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wimberley,_Texas A good excuse for a Road Trip. As always 7173 Mustang owners are Welcome. The Texas Hill Country is what most Texans is the Best of Texas. I'll be leaving Florida, 8 Sept 2015, driving across I-10 West collecting fellow Mustangers as we go along to the Austin/San Antonio region. Please come join up or blaze your own trail there. Tubo
  8. AOD and 4R70W share exactly the same casting with the exception of 4R70W has the bell housing lengthened 1 in. extra. Tubo
  9. Ah Ha!! at last I can figure out why Jeff with a 351 Cleve and 5 Speed got better fuel milage, than we did 306 and 4R70W. It was the 2.75 vs our 3.25 that made the difference. My preference on gearing with an OD trans is 325 for all around. And 3.55 for around town. When I get the EFI on the 73 I may change it to a 3.55.
  10. Mezzo as you know the EEC-V CPU has a 4R70W trans control built into it. I use original Bauman TCS in our 73 and the newer Quick 1 in the 65 2+2, to control the 4R70W's in them. The Quick 1 has a circuit for the paddle shifters. I'm looking into adapting a Hyundai Genesis 5.0 cable shifter into the cars and use it's "select shift" to hold trans in a specific gear or use the shifter to up and down shift. Instead of paddles. http://www.becontrols.com/
  11. Love da Blue!! That coupe is Bitchin!! No kidding.
  12. Howdy Tex, Welcome from The Panhandle of Florida!! I get back there every so often, love to see yer ride some time.
  13. The "real" Black #2 GT Mk II, is the 427 powered 1966 Le Mans winner of 1966-drivers Bruce McLaren & Chris Amon I'll take to old car
  14. I quit doing it that way after walking funny for a few days afterwards :( Iz'zat with or without the pink undies?? I mean lace & all would tend to make me walk funny. Jeff the tool idea is cool, however on this just loop something over the hook end of the spring and stretch a bit.
  15. Jeff, Great First start. Your patience and attention to detail flat amaze me. Dare I suggest a Road Trip to the Gulf Coast?!?!
  16. A Southerner(from Texas) who moves up North??? Why would any right thinking Texan and/or Southerner, do a dang fool thing like that???? Too hot is uncomfortable. Too cold HURTS Thus endeth the sermon for today.
  17. Yeah the France family PO'ed me too. I was getting fed up with their manipulations of the racing. Fantasy Leaguing lets me watch the races in a different way. Dang it's a long season though.
  18. Yeah I know NASCAR ain't everybody's cuppa. However some of us enjoy NASCAR at least to some degree. The Group I work with has an annual Yahoo Fantasy NASCAR League. If you'd care to join us drop me a PM. Corky
  19. The "Big" 71-73's might have been sales compettive with the F-Birds. However with out the 74-78 pinto based stangs there prolly wouldent have been a Fox series of Mustang. Now, had I been incharge at the time there would have been a downsizing to a Maverick sized Mustang, after the 71-73's. With a eye to keeping the 71-73 ride quality. However that would be, a whole different set of Iffa-wouldda-coulda-shoudda's.
  20. I'm taking the vert to have the 2.5 exhaust re-routed to above the torque plate. The exhaust has to move to make room for the Maier subframe connector cross brace. Two parts won't occupy the same space, Hehheh. When using the Gearvenders you may need to fabricate a "double hump" torque plate. Alternately install a Maier type subframe connector cross piece, which would replace the torque plate.
  21. Hey speaking of Road trip... The MustangSteve Bash is in Vandalia, Ill....Saturday 27 September, 2014. Road trip!! Even I should have the subframe connectors in by then, Hehheh
  22. As I don't have any welding skills, it's taken since October to get started with the sub frame connectors. Sunday afternoon I drove over to my Buddy Mike's house to install the sub frame connectors. Mike figured he could reroute the exhaust system to clear the sub frame cross brace. Balky wire feed on the welder and an approaching storm shortened our available work time. Now the passenger's side sub frame connector is installed, and the Vert is back home. Turns out I should have taken it to the exhaust shop first. First part of next week I'll have the exhaust rerouted, and then back to Mike's to complete the job by installing the left over parts.
  23. I sympathize with you, fer sure. Seems what ever I'm working on is possesed by demons. Sometimes I have to walk away for a while. However the dream keeps me coming back. You still have a chance at happiness with your Stang and that flat tappet engine. Though not as a flat tappet. Do a roller lifter conversion (after flushing the block o'course), and all the problems modern oils cause by making flat tappet lifters obsolete, will be gone. For a cam you can then use something like a Comp Cams XE272 HR112. The hard work and money you've invested in the rest of the engine, and your Stang will be saved. Yeah I could throughly see talking the Holidays off, from the Mustang hobby. Then come back and look at the problem fresh. Ther are a few tricks to the roller conversion so let us know when your ready. Be sure an tell your Buddies, "No matter how good an idea it seems, never use a flat tappet engine in your street driven car." as it aint worth the heartache when they wipe a lobe. Tubo
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