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  1. Nice, used, 71' Plenum. (D1#) Original horse hair style, not the smooth plastic $265.00 shipped. Pics sent upon request. Call or text... 920-470-53thirteen
  2. Thanks, I love Arkansas. Did a road trip there one summer to pick up a dually truck box I needed. Paris, I believe was the Town. I try to stay out of that corner of the State. Much prettier to the west and north. Ya, my taxes are not cheap, lol. Has not moved in a bit. Needs some engine work and now there is a dent in the passenger door (I lightly tapped it with my backhoe bucket, ugh...yah, let's not discuss it)
  3. Thanks, I'm sure I will be lurking more than I should.
  4. Just stopping into say HI. I own a couple 71 B1's. Looks like a great forum. I'm not sure how I've missed this one after years of web trolling, LOL.
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