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    1989 Mustang GT owned since new. First car was a 1972 Gold Glow Mach 1


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  1. mikeymach1


    Beautiful interior. Ginger is my favorite color on the 71-73's
  2. Hello good people of the forum! Saw this on ebay today and wanted some opinions. I do love my Gold Glow, but not sure here. I am pretty sure I see a '73 fender on the drivers side and the mangled fan shroud makes me think fender bender. Gas cap also wrong, but the 71 is nicer and I did the same thing on my first car when I was a kid. So what say you? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-Ford-Mustang-MACH-1/333615134272?hash=item4dad02f640%3Ag%3A9uEAAOSwMfte1wTs&LH_ItemCondition=3000%7C1000%7C2500&autorefresh=true
  3. Love the car. Hate the speaker holes. :happyno: But who am I to gripe....i did the same thing plus added a power antenna to mine in 1982
  4. Im a fan of Gold Glow. My preference is for a 72, but this one is very nice
  5. Saw this one on Mecum and was wondering if anyone here had seen the car in person. I believe it is from New Jersey. https://www.mecum.com/lots/PA0819-379787/1973-ford-mustang-mach-1-fastback/
  6. Sorry gang, fake news!!! See below.... http://fordauthority.com/2019/04/george-conrads-mustang-collection-isnt-for-sale-after-all/
  7. its a dash bezel removal tool for wiper switch, headlight switch, etc.
  8. "Remember the crowd looking for this model is dying off." Next time twist the knife after you plunge it in!!!!! lollerz
  9. Seller has not been particularly forthcoming with details about car. Basically, WYSIWYG
  10. Hi Do you have the interior side panels for it?
  11. Originally a Gold Glow with Deluxe Ginger interior :)
  12. Its a nice car that was a no sale twice on ebay. I think its an $11K to $12K car. Spoke to the owner when it was on ebay (I placed a bid) the body side molding is stick on, but the owner said there are holes under the stick on stuff. He is of the opinion that there was either factory or dealer installed molding on it when new, but that a piece got damaged in a minor accident (he mentioned a repair on the door) and no replacements were available, so all of it came off and stick on went in its place.
  13. Here you go...... http://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-Ford-Mustang-Mach-1-/172379257321?forcerrptr=true&hash=item28229ab9e9:g:i58AAOSwYIxYBZsC&item=172379257321

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