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  1. Hello good people of the forum! Saw this on ebay today and wanted some opinions. I do love my Gold Glow, but not sure here. I am pretty sure I see a '73 fender on the drivers side and the mangled fan shroud makes me think fender bender. Gas cap also wrong, but the 71 is nicer and I did the same thing on my first car when I was a kid. So what say you?



  2. Ok, guys...we have another anonymous donation to award to the first non-VIP member that can guess what the item pictured below is and what it is used for.  We are looking for a few specific key words so be detailed in your guess!  If you don't know what it is...give us your best/funniest guess! 


    The first correct guess from a non-VIP member will win the prize...free Lifetime VIP Status!


    Hint: Automotive



  3. Fellas, this car has been repossessed from owner for not paying and going to be auctioned tomorrow, its a 73 Mach 1, I know it looks like it came from the movie Star Trek, my question is it worth saving and how much should I offer?


    Originally a Gold Glow with Deluxe Ginger interior  :)

  4. Its a nice car that was a no sale twice on ebay. I think its an $11K to $12K car. Spoke to the owner when it was on ebay (I placed a bid) the body side molding is stick on, but the owner said there are holes under the stick on stuff. He is of the opinion that there was either factory or dealer installed molding on it when new, but that a piece got damaged in a minor accident (he mentioned a repair on the door) and no replacements were available, so all of it came off and stick on went in its place.

  5. Car is back on E bay.....


    eBay needs to do something about the joke bidders. If you click on the bidders and look at their history most have bought a pair of sunglasses or nothing at all. eBay is getting to be a sucky place to sell. I would contact the seller and do a behind the scene buy. This is a great car if not rusty and good not locked up engine.


    Well, it would seem to me that the seller can just as easily determine what you did and reach out to serious bidders. Unless, as I said, the "joke" bidders are actually shill bidders trying to up the price.

  6. Well, the car "sold" for its reserve last nite and is listed again. I also never got a phone number or the photos. Finally, a check of the bid activity for the old and current auctions shows a bidder with an abnormal percentage (76%) of bids with the seller only. I think shill bidding is happening, but I obviously can not prove it.

  7. Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback. I have asked for additional photos in rust prone areas and also asked for a phone number so I could talk to the guy. So far I have not heard back. Biggest mistake I ever made was not buying the gold glow Mach that a member here sold a couple of years ago. So dumb.


    And on a lighter note, as a guy that's spent 20+ years as an equity analyst on Wall St, I have heard my share of worn out buzz words (low hanging fruit, deep dive, leverage our core competencies, etc.), but nothing bothers me more these days than "barn find". Blech.

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