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  1. I run a flamethrower right now but its to large and interferers with the stock NASA hood air breather. I ordered a Mallory unilite and will let you know how the trade off goes.
  2. SO the engine is a 351 4v, just rebuilt it and running just over 11 to 1 compression. On a torcher 2 intake and a descent CAM. Running this on a C4 with a shift kit and a stock converter. The current Edlebrock has poor throttle response and runs to rich for Denver. I'm looking to have more adjustment and better throttle response on my Sunday cruiser. She is geared pretty low I do not no exactly because the tags are gone from the rear end.
  3. Summit Racing Street & Strip® Carburetors SUM-M08750MS Looking for a good carb that can be adjusted well for altitude. I have a 1406 Edlebrock that is not enough for my rebuild. Do I go 1411 or maybe this summit carb?
  4. The heads will not bolt up the intake will not either. Further, I had to use some hammer based modification to my hooker headers to get them to fit when I switched to the 4v heads. I wish I would have just spent the money on Aluminum 3v heads.
  5. I'm not finding a MSD Probillet Dizzy is it that same unit as a MSD Ignition 8577 - MSD Pro-Billet Distributors ?
  6. I'm almost there and just a few issues. I'm hoping to pick some brains in this site and give some feed back after completing a full rebuild of my 351c.
  7. Can anyone recommend an HEI distributor that fits with the stock air box that fits to the Nasa hood? I have a flame thrower unit today its to tall to all the stock air box to be used and therefore can not complete the reassembly of the hood and matched box. 1972 mustang Mach 1 351C
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